Old/New Vid - Kelly Hickman

Hey guys here is my new but old video from August lol. I just never posted it but some of you have saw it.


Crankflip down 9 was Insane!!!

Yea that takes balls man

Real nice clean vid.

I really liked that, Nice music too, eh?

WOW thats cool that’s crazy

PS.: Sorry for my bad english;)

Great riding! You’re the king of sets :wink:
The 9 set crankflip was insane. Also the 180 of the handrails.
But why does every clip stop in the start? Annoying…

was that song used for another video before?
it sounded so familiar.
awesome non-the-less!


that was great!

my videos do that too. i think he might be using a slow computer or a poor editing program (like me)

nice vid. what he’s doing is REAL street, hes got a mix of flips down/up other obstacles, along with grinds.

flip down a 9…sick

I agree with everything you just said.
Good work, Kelly. Good luck on getting sponsored.

I thought you were sponsered by bedford?

wow that was sweet, the crankflip down the nine was ridiculous…i dont know if anyone else noticed this but off the curb the outbackflip (ithink) was sweet to)

great job on the 9 set flip, 180 out of blind on the 8 (and the 4 for that matter, hope i got the numbers right lol). Double fakieflip was rad two.

that turned out to be a good ‘new/old’ film. there was some solid riding, some of the best we’ve seen from you. i also enjoyed your choice for music. it worked in comparison to the harder music genres that commonly crop up in uni vids.


You got the right number, not the right Blind Stence or whatever, he is a backfoot grinder. Still, pretty awesome stuff, blind blunt, 180 out and the blind 8 set. Anyways, sick riding, I liked the music too !

Keep it up !


Loved it the first time…loved it again.

Always a blast to ride with you. Let me know when you wanna hit it up again.

ah, who understands those backfoot grinders:p

what I realy like in this video its the begining: he just get a bail and the first thing he think about is to say: Im Kelly Hickman! :thinking: :smiley: :smiley:

I can’t see how you can crankflip out of a backfoot grind… I find it easier to either lateflip or backflip out.