Old-new Movie

I finally put a movie ive had on my comp for a long time in my gallery. Its mostly the clips that are in two folders but in a mov. There are a few clips from the yard riding one the esp. in the beginning, it gets better. Its all footage from a while back (like a few mo. ago) and doesnt have any rail grinds and funboxes(that section of the skate park was closed when we went down there).
well here ya go.

Old-new movie

Man those stupid dogs get in the way.

that was a nice movie, nice clean gliding and that hop on the wheel crank stall thing was cool


Me sig trick…

That mount to the WW about 2:38 into the video is sexy. Awesome riding.

sweet riding!

it makes me want to learn some more freestyle. Love your 360 unispin.

Also, were you just using a freestyle for your trials? There some big drops for a freestyle uni.


man you farm boys have skinny tyres! but that was some nice riding anyway well done

Its a hardcore freestyle dx, nice and splined so its tough


I can do that mount to WW, why don’t I get a cookie for it like Caw did?!?! :wink:

It tasted good too. Ive been doin that trick for soo damn long, i do a kick up ift wheel walkin there to, how ur 1ft ww commin tyler. Yeah I use a Dx it takes all the drops the other beasts do and its half hte price. Well when im better il try to make a newer vid, that one was pretty old htat ive had for a while that i finally put in the gallery.

That one was a kick up 1ft wheel walk, i only did it shortly cause i ran out of room, so i cut it short and went into the hop on wheel and the rest o that section.

kool vid i like all the dogs in it