Old NAUCC racing results -- where?

Hey, gang. Where can I find NAUCC racing results from 2001? I can’t seem to find any info from the Toronto races.

Are the 2005 results posted yet?

I’m trying to record the results of our club members, tho most of the results at this point would be for me. I don’t seem to have raced in 2002 (funny – I thought I did).

There are also some kids and a few adults in my club who raced in the recent NAUCCs. I can find all the info for 2003 and 2004, but I can’t find 2001 or 2005 (it may be too soon for 2005).


Results from the 05 NAUCC haven’t been posted yet. My goal is to get the info to Gilby and updated by this weekend.

As you know, I’ve been a little busy in Switzerland the past 3 weeks!

USA President


You didn’t ask about 2002 results. I still have the 2002 results (both NAUCC and UNICON) if you need them.


Connie and Tom,

Thanks! I didn’t expect the 2005 results yet, Connie! I’m glad you all had such a great trip. I just wasn’t sure where to look.

Tom, I’d love the results from 2002, but only if I participated. I can’t recall whether I did, but my impression is that I must not have, because when I checked, I didn’t see my name anywhere. I remember that that year, I only went for a few days (with my brother, John) and that I had a great time. But I can’t recall racing. Hmmm…

Thanks for any help!

The 2002 results are at: http://unicycling.org/usa/naucc/2002/results/

The NUC 2001 website is at: http://www.torontounicyclists.ca/tnucmain.htm

However, I only found the MUni results on there. In any case, I have uploaded all the results to the USA website: http://unicycling.org/usa/nuc/2001/

I just checked - and you weren’t even a registered non-competitor for the 2002 NAUCC. Maybe you were in Seattle only for Unicon?

If you (or anybody) wants a quick printout of their results (excluding the final day) for NAUCC 2005, let me know. Making the web page data will take a little longer, as I still have to enter the results from the final day of competition.