old muni guys logo

Having seen quite of few of us over 50 are riding off-road, I threw together a logo for those older (and still immature) riders, to use if you want (for a t-shirt or whatever) - or don’t if ya don’t.


Who you calling old??? :smiley:

Nice job. I like it.


I’m not sure I’m quite old enough yet… maybe next month…

Nice job!

That’s a bloody brilliant design. Congrats!

]Looks nice! The only thing I would change is the uni in the “O”, I’d make another uni looking similar to the letter “OMG” instead of making a KH green. That’s my opinion though.

I still have a few years to go before I put this logo somewhere though haha!

I like it! (and I’m qualified to wear it)

  • edit: is there a higher resolution version anywhere, if I did want to use it for something? That would be great.

Great looking logo

Great looking logo, wood make a great T Shirt, when you going to start selling them. Age 65 and riding only mt uni, built my own trail in my woods over a l mile and growing. Oh my age is growing too.


How about ONE Muni Guy?

Great ideas from all. Jaco - I used a KH24 because it’s a unicycle and would be recognized by non-riders as such, regardless of colour. MrImpossible - Anybody who wants one could send me a PM and I’d send them a file - not sure about the resolution. UniBabyGuy - Good idea on “ONE Muni Guy” - which could be easily done for those with less decades on the odometer.

being a Muni rider (65 at the beginning of October)
I proposed OGOOW (Old Geezer On One Wheel) before … (I even draw a logo for that for Unicon in switzerland … but lost it somewhere:I’ll have to redraw it :p)
but thanks for this one…
another suggestion (from a sixty-something) was “SEXagenarian On One Wheel” (but these are not specific to Muni)

alternate versions

Other OMG versions now… One Muni Guy … One Muni Girl.

What about Old Muni Girl?