"Old man" uni Prank!

Here’s something a bit different for the forum! I got this idea from a youtube video where a pro skateboarder dressed like an old man then blew everyone away at the skatepark! So I thought why not try this with a uni! So I got some makeup - of which I had no clue how to use it, but faked it best I could, and it looked pretty convincing! I think the voice and mannerisms helped with the illusion to look about 80! :astonished:

This was all improvised and I had no idea how it would go. Ideally, I would have had multiple cameras and a couple other people working with me, but this was just a first go at it and it was a blast!

What is so ironic is that the first two guys in the video are old riding buddies, but I didn’t recognize them, (I was really into my part, lol!) and they really thought I was an old crazy guy trying to ride a unicycle! But then you can hear one of them ask his buddy, “is that Terry”, but only after I rode down some stairs, haha!

Then, at the next place, you can tell these other two guys were a little afraid I might hurt myself and were quite surprised that I wanted to try to ride the unicycle! I told him it was my grandson’s, who was “over yonder, at the picture show”. :slight_smile:


That’s superb, Terry. And one of your longer videos, too. :slight_smile:

Wondering, though: did you consider blowing their minds, after they were fully convinced of your age, by doing a wicked drop or something? The “reveal”.

Fun stuff, for sure. And your get-up and mannerisms–love the hunched back!–were far out!

(On another vein, your video made me feel sad about getting old. No matter how lithe and sharp and smart we are, age is a steamroller; it moves onto us, regardless. Fight it as we all may, age will win. No one’s ever beaten it.)

(Okay, now back to TRYING to beat it!! Lol)

Great acting skills :smiley:

Thank you. :slight_smile: the most i could do, given the options, were to ride down the stair sets and also ride the fountain ledge and drop off. I figured they would still be pretty surprised to an “80 year old” do that, lol!

Thanks, it was really fun to play the character. In reality, I’ll be that age sooner then I’d like to admit! Just hope to be in better shape by then! :o

When you’re 80 I think you’ll still be riding down stairs. At worst, you’ll be riding down ramps! :slight_smile:

It would be fun to have a location where you can start to ride, at the limit of control, of course, but then by seeming not to be able to steer, end up on a wall or ledge or other crazy spot where it looks like you’re totally trying to avoid it. Way to give innocent bystanders a heart attack!

And, if necessary, on one-wheeled wheelchair! :smiley:


And, if necessary, on one-wheeled wheelchair! :smiley:


happy birthday

age is measured in riding level:D
high level high age :stuck_out_tongue: