Old kris holm freeride?

I’m currently at the final stages of building my Muni and looking at seats for a begginer Muni rider with intentions of trying a little trials / street?

Is the old KH suitable? is it thin enough / strong enough and comfy enough?

I’d like to be able to do seat out tricks. so is the seat thin enough for this? does anyone have any images of the kris holm freeride seat?

The dark green one is on offer with UDC at the moment, which would match the colour scheme of my uni… its either that or the new KH slim but that is twice the price…

if it fits with the colour of your uni, and its the right price, £15 for a KH seat isn’t bad!

go for it, the worst thing is that you have a a nice comfy seat to use on longer rides!


The biggest disadvantage of the older seats is that they are not compatible with the KH T-bar handle. If you don’t see yourself adding a handle to your Muni, the saddle is a good deal at that price…