Old KH splined cranks

I have a KH hub from around maybe 2005 (+/- 2 years) with the splined, non-ISIS interface on my 24". I only ride my 24" occasionally and I’m looking for cranks that aren’t 170mm. I use my 24" as a loaner from time to time and the cranks throw everyone off. I seem to be the only person who would ever consider 170mms on a 24" a good idea.

I’m assuming someone has some old cranks laying around that don’t get much use, now that ISIS (the interface) took over. I’m in no rush at all. Don’t be afraid to reply if this post is years old, I’ll probably still have this wheelset regardless.

Darren Bedford has some though I’m not sure how short.

Do you have 170’s? I may be interested.

Is that the guy from Bedford Cycles?

I do have 170’s. I do enjoy them and they are hard to come by these days, so I’m not certain if I want to part with them, but I’m also not a fan of them sitting around barely being used. Let me get back to you, once I find shorter cranks.

Yes Bedford Cycles. I’m not 100% sure I’m a buyer yet anyways so take your time.

I emailed Bedford to have more information on this topic. If he has some left, it may not last long… :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like my cranks are from 2004 and pre-Onza. I’ve attached a few images in case anyone has something compatible.

This 8-spline interface is the one used on the very first KH hubs and on the Qu-ax splined hubs (before ISIS).

Usually, they are listed as Qu-ax as they kept it way longer in the catalog than KH do.

Unfortunately, like the KH/Onza 48-spline (don’t remember the exact count), they are harder to find in shops (as most had limited stock) or second hand.

But the odds are higher as it was sold longer on production unicycles.

I think my Torker used the same thing too… if it does, I have a pair of 150mm in red you could pay shipping for and I’d be cool with it!

Is this the same 8 spline setup as the summits? Wasn’t the spline size 18 or 19mm on the OD?

I have a spare set of 140mm 8 spline cranks that I believe OD of splines is 17mm. I know they don’t fit on my summit hub.

I believe its the same as the summits, but I’ll measure to double check. How does one measure the spline? I’ll post an image with a ruler in case I’m off.

I measure splines with a dial caliper. Major diameter (across opposing splines) and minor diameter (smallest reading when caliper jaws are in line with splines).

On my summit the major is .742" which is a hair under 19mm. Minor is .632" which is a bit over 16mm.

I lack a caliper, but My measurements appear very similar. A conservative error for my measurements would be ± 0.5mm. The 17mm OD definitely would not fit.

Unfortunately there isn’t a large selection of cranks out there that fit these hubs.

While looking for a different set for my summit I kept coming across the same problem you have. The most common cranks I found available were 165-175mm haro “78” cranks but these are too long. A not so common option is the haro sub C cranks. These are 140mm and have read on here they fit great and are plenty stout.

Just did a quick search again and found these, haven’t heard anything about them before.http://m.ebay.com/itm/Specialized-three-piece-cranks-140mm-bmx-crank-arms-fit-8-spline-19-mm-spindle-/262648877316?nav=SEARCH

Thanks for the info. If I end up getting some, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Just measured my Torker cranks, they are 17mm OD too. They’ve been collecting dust since 2009, looks like they wont move for a few more years!