Old KH Crank/Hub vs New KH Crank/Hub

Somehow this:

Doesn’t look as stong as this:

But maybe it is.:confused

im pretty sure it is, since its Profile knock off, it sould hold up fine. maybe your a square person at heart? :smiley:

Ya, I bent my KH 04 cranks, I got some Haro cranks which look like profiles are much stonger, I have done the same drop I bent the KH’s on and bigger drops and they haven’t broken. Another thing that I am not sure means any thing, Ryan Atkins who has bent profiles now uses the KH 05 and did some big drops on it at Toque, 6 or 7 feet.

the new o5 hub is better though then the old one because its soild and it cant get loose

And has he bent the new KH/Onza cranks? The hub?

well, 6 or 7 feet really isn’t that high for a Ryan Atkins drop. he probably bent the profiles on a 10 foot drop, or maybe higher.

I meant over time. How has the uni held up to his output of abuse? I heard he went through two of Micheal Prichett’s (spelling?)–(SEMPER_UNI)–alum. frames.

Sorry for the confusion,

i think i remember him cracking a Pro crank off a 7 or 8 footer last year in Tohoe. it was a rolling down slanted rock landing too. there is a vid on here somewhere of it i think but not a focus on the crank. it was later that it was realised or somthing.

I broke an 03 KH crank and a profile crank. Neither of them were on that spectacular a drop…maybe a few feet. I think it was more of an over-time kinda thing. I am very happy with the length of time and abuse both those cranks lasted through and were certainly worth the money (esp. the profile cause of the warranty!).

The new KHs are supposed to be a better design than the old, plus more like a profile design. Both those things make me confident that they are more than adequate. :smiley: