Old KH 29" - $225

I purchased this unicycle from this forum in 2016. I’m selling it because I am moving, and I do not have enough space to bring it. The original owner said that it is a 2007/2008 model, although I don’t know for sure. The condition is “usable”, but it may require some reconditioning.

The tire (Surly Dirt Wizard 29 * 3.0, 120 tpi) has maybe 50-100 miles on it, and the tube maybe has 20 miles on it.

The Moment cranks are 150/125 dual hole in decent shape, but they are an older model of the ones that come on the current KH models (there is also a bit of rust on the bolts).

The pedals will probably need to be replaced soon. They are starting to fall apart and make funny noises.

The frame has a lot of scratches and dents, but it is in fine condition besides that. The frame is also compatible with a rim brake.

The seatpost clamp has stripped bolts, so the bolts or the seatpost clamp will have to be replaced.

The seatpost has some scratches, and I believe the seatpost was cut-down for a shorter rider. I’m 6" 3’ and it is way too short for me.

The saddle is a KH fusion freeride, and it’s actually an air saddle. The handle and bumper both have a lot of wear.

When I purchased this unicycle, it came with a Magura rim brake. However, the cord snapped when the seatpost popped out while I was riding it. I will include this broken brake with the unicycle, and if you have a bleed kit you may be able to repair it.

I am selling this for $225 + shipping or make an offer. If you are interested in buying it, PM me and I can give you my phone number. If you have any questions, please let me know.

I uploaded some photos to Google Drive, feel free to request more photos:

Interested! I’ll send you a message!

pending sale


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