Old hunter on Ebay

I just found an old-school hunter muni on ebay, if anyone’s been looking. Not for the insane hardcore muni rider, but definitely a nice uni.


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The starting bid is $649. Seems a bit pricy for a non-splined MUni with a viscount seat and a tire smaller than 3"

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More than a bit…that’s one over-priced dinosaur.

Interesting to see, however, that the front tubes were curved on his early models.

It resembles a Telford frame more like that… minus the tilted seat post tube.

It is funny to look at what used to pass as a hard core deluxe muni. :slight_smile:

I notice nobody’s beating the door down to bid on it. Maybe instead of comparing this Hunter to the others on u.c before setting the price, the Seller should have compared to the new KH munis.

Brings me back to wondering what was the sequence between Hunter and Telford. This one says 1999, but Telfords were already out by then. I can’t remember if Telford was first, or if Geoffrey Faraghan (Telford) got the idea from Rick Hunter. The Telford innovation was the tilted seat post so you could use a standardized bike suspension post.

We had at least one Hunter and one Telford out on Mt. Diablo today, with 11 riders going from top to bottom. That would make a nice location for a MUni Weekend ride someday, but we’d have to figure out where the rest of the weekend’s rides would be.

San Francisco/Bay area!!! The east bay (Berkeley/Oakland hills) has plenty of good technical trails. Joaquine Miller could be ridden like we did tahoe. There’s short (1.5-3 mile) trails all through the valley, ranging from super-fun technical to nice beginner trails. And there’s okay-good trials at the bottom and top of it all.

On top of it all it’s close enough to urban areas that we could have trials rides in there. Then again, I guess I’m not exactly an unbiased observer, since I like the idea of not having to travel for a muni weekend for once…

John, on the sequencing, it was December 1997. Both Bruce and Geoff had the first prototype Hunter and Telford Munis that month. Geoff might’ve been slighltly earlier, like one week, but both first hit the trail sometime around Dec 20, 1997.

These funny looking ones…not sure, but they might have been from that batch Bruce had made up for a bunch of his Netscape buddies - would’ve been early 1999. They were definitely “Santa Cruz Battleship Grey”.


this item is now on your watch list for pure amusment of course.

What did the red dwarf pic go for?

about $5500 amercan.

i wish i had money like that to blow on art…

What are you talking about. You already live in California! :smiley:

I know it’s tough when you’re a city-dweller (and/or not old enough), but outside of downtown SanFran (or maybe Davis), this state is really hard to do without a car.

Anyway, those trails sound great. we should talk more about it in a more appropriate place. You could check and see if all of your favorite trails are legal for bikes. That’s one problem with Diablo, some of the trails we rode yesterday might not have been. My legs are sore (3000’ descent).

Nathan, thanks for the history lesson. Fascinating! Sounds like Geoff and Rick will be able to argue about origins forever! But knowing the speed Geoff works, he probably thought of his frames long before Rick did…

and im gettin it!

the Hunter has lowered in price and been relisted

still about 200 to much for me.

the Hunter has lowered in price and been relisted :roll_eyes:

still about 200 to much for me. im having fun watching this auction.