OLD Hub to NEW (restoration)

Just uploaded a new video for my YouTube Channel. So if you have a second to take a look, let me know :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!


Looks a lot nicer now. Why didn’t you tape the bearing seats and the ISIS splines before? From a technical point of view this is an absolute no-go. Having spraypaint in the interface between crank and hub will make your cranks more likely to come lose. These old hub flanges with this funny little cutouts tendet to fail on these cutouts if i remember right. You managed to true them really well. What i fear is, that having already been bent and re-bent may have weakened the material and make it even more likely to fail. I hope it holds up well because it looks really nice.

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Hold mic vertical.


Thanks Eric!
I know what you mean. I didn’t even noticed what I had done till after doing the painting (really stupid on my part) I had to do sanding to get the bearings and spacers on :grimacing:
I really hope this one holds too!

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YES, finally someone has shown me haha. Everyone has been saying I’ve been talking into the mic like a goof. Okay this make A LOT of sense now. Thank you :grin:

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