old guys on unicycles

Been reading the posts here the last couple weeks and enjoying it all. I am amazed how many of us “old guys” I am seeing commenting on here. Just want to say hello and hear about other similar folks and their experiences. I have a 20" Torker that I am learning on and am to the point where I can sort of consistently ride about 20-30 feet before I bail out. I took one hard fall forward on my knees, which lead to buying knee pads. This week I bought a 26" Nimbus Muni on sale at Unicycle.com! I am so psyched for it to arrive! I am not interested in doing tricks or trials, just want to ride around and try some easy trails and slick rock. I live in southern Utah where the rock is smooth and will be great to ride. Most roads around here are dirt, thus the 26" Muni purchase. I am still deciding if I can make it over to Moab next month. Need my skills to get better before I would be comfortable riding with others. I’m 54 years old and would love to meet all you other “old guys on Unis” and hear about your adventures learning and riding.

I’m 52 and I don’t consider myself to be old. Old is when you’re living in a nursing home, don’t ride a uni, and are living life waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Hello, I’m 60 and I’m learning on a 24" Torker LX. I’m in awe of your ability to ride 20 - 30 ft unassisted. I’m still at the 3 - 4 revolutions stage and staying close to the fence. I also took a bad spill and injured my wrist when I first started and now have wrist guards as well as knee/shin guards. I’m hoping to get good enough to ride in the parks in town and maybe a little flat trail riding. I started learning with my son and he’s miles ahead of me doing freemounts and bunny hops and making tight turns. Can’t wait until he and I can ride together. I like the “old guy” thread idea. We can all meet here and talk about how cheap and good things used to be when we were young guys (like my dad used to do).

Hi RedRockRider. I’m another old guy on a unicycle. I started learning to ride last May and can ride several miles on a good day now. It’s great to see new forum members learning to ride as adults or picking it back up after several decades. Keep up the good work and give your body time to adjust. It’ll come.

Congratulations on the 26" muni. You’ll love it. There are a number of people from Utah on here and it looks like it’s fantastic place for off-road unicycling.

Well I ride a uni and I can’t wait for the “inevitable” to happen, which is riding the next day! :smiley:

ride on!

Age is a state of mind over matter. Accept your incremental progress, ignore negative preconceptions of others, and ride on! Once you adjust to a larger wheel, Muni is a blast. Wear safety gear, esp. helmet and wrist guards, as well as your leg armour.

Don’t feel my age.

I am 66 , and ride a Kris Holm 24, and 26 inch Municycle, I ride here when it is just to bad out (cold) go to: www.raysmtb.com then click on Media for the videos enjoy. I can ride about half of what you see on the videos. The expert section is hard for most Mt bikers. I have been riding almost 2 years on my trail behind my home, here in Ohio. Open to riders anytime. My advice to beginners is ride offend, and then some more. Remember every ride you will learn something. Good Luck

Well… unicycles were not cheap (remember buying a circus chrome thing for $150 about 20yrs ago, how much is that in 2014 dollars?) and it was proper rubbish! It disappeared before I was able to ride it for real and then I gave up.

Fun thread to follow!

I took up unicycling for physical therapy following a near life-ending illness and subsequent temporary paralysis 2 years ago. It brought back my balance and strength. I never thought it would become such a big part of my life, but I ride every day now, and am in better shape than I was t 10 years ago. I hope I’m still riding 10, 15, or 20 years from now.
And it cracks me up to hear guys in their 50s say “I’m too old for that.” Ha!

Great thread :slight_smile:
About that 26’’ muni…I’ve got one of those as well as the 36’’ and as I was putting the 36’’ in the back of the car for the first time I commented how surprised I was that it felt lighter than the 26’’ :astonished: The guys said that is because of the tyre on the 26’’ being so heavy. I keep meaning to get a lighter tyre for my 26’’ but I don’t seem to ride it much these days.
I had a big apple tyre on when I did ‘‘Ride the Lights’’ and I could feel the difference. So, if you feel maybe sluggish it could be the tyre. Not wanting to start a tyre war :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: , just though I’d mention it. I mean absolutleee fabby for going downhill, but bit draggy on the flat if you catch my drift.
There hasn’t been any threads about weight losses on our unicycles for a while has there ?

Congratulations on the impending 26er, you will love it. I just re-started riding again after 40 years on a 26 and I think it is fantastic. I’m a bit more concerned with falling now than I was as a kid, so I try not to exceed my abilities by too much. But if you are going to progress you have to take at least small calculated risks and proper gear goes a long way in keeping the bumps and scrapes to a minimum. I’m very impressed with those of you who never rode as a kid and are learning now. Keep at it, Steve

Have fun on all your unicycle rides. Ignore the naysayers.

My 16 year old daughter tells her friends that I ride a unicycle and none of her friends believe it.

Good luck with your new 26".

I am 65 and an ardent Muni practitioner (a 24" and a 26" + a simple cheap 26" waiting for me each time I work in Bay Area -I live in France-) … and visiting southern Utah the week before Moab munifest! Feel confident and come to the Munifest!

There is nothing that will improve your riding and attitude faster than riding with others. I strongly recommend attending Moab if you can swing it, although I can’t make it this year my son will be there. There should be something for riders of all levels.

It usually takes adults longer to learn to ride independantly, it’s just the nature of things. Take a zen approach and love the process. I didn’t learn until age 46 but had lots of support from my club mates and that continues to this day.

BTW: ditto on safety gear for offroad. It takes longer to recover after a certain age. Safety gear will literally save your ass!

Congratulations on your new passion! I purchased my first unicycle (a Torker lx 20) in March of 2011. Almost three years later I’m riding nearly every day, either on the 24" Nimbus Muni or the 29" Nimbus road. A balanced life is important for me and the Uni habit is helping me to keep that focus. It’s just darn fun! It captured my imagination. I think one of my favorite things about Uni is that a 20-30 minute session in the middle of the day is like battery recharge!

Greetings to you all

Wow, what great responses from the more “senior” members of the uni world. Yes, I agree, “old” is a subjective thing. It is really great to hear from all of you. You are all inspirational and motivational for me. I only wish I could be learning to ride my uni with you guys nearby to assist. I can really see how it would help to have a “trained” uni rider to help me learn.
I had sort of a frustrating session today. Feel like I’ve stopped progressing lately. I seem to get to a certain spot in my driveway, about 20 feet from where I let go, and that’s as far as I can get. I always stall out with the cranks vertical, and it’s always with my dominant (right) leg up. I can’t seem to get over that hump recently.
-Rower99- I too am finding I really like that 20-30 minutes of focus each day and how it recharges me.
-Wobbling Bear- Enjoy southern Utah, it is awesome country! Maybe I’ll see you in Moab?
-LanceB- You’re an inspiration man!
-UniBabyGuy- I never want to be too old to ride either!

Good day gentlemen, Keep at it!

Just turned 60 and started muni one year ago. The first 2 months of learning to ride a short distance and the total frustration that comes with hundreds of failed attempts to freemount, took a determined mindset to get through. Then every month thereafter brought huge improvements. But, this last month has been unbelievable. Now I am climbing hills that still surprise me and rolling over roots, rocks and drops that leave me with that “Wow, how did I do that”. The main trail system I ride has 3 very difficult downhills that I used to say to myself, when I can ride them cleanly, then I will have become decent muni rider, Have 2 done. What is amazing to me, is now those 2 hills are a blast to zig zag down, and now I try different lines down each time to ramp up the fun. This past year has been fantastic and I am so pumped to get better in this coming year. Headed to Moab next month, hopefully to learn a little more skills from other muni riders.

I have found this to be true for me. My (almost) 9 yr old son started at the same time as me and he can free-mount, is learning bunny hops and can ride all over the place. For me the progress has been much slower. I did make some good progress today though when I decided to not use a fence any longer as I was too dependant on it. Today I had my longest ride to date since we began our practice in January.

Great thread where I feel right at home :slight_smile:

Older beginner here as well. I got my first uni on 01/15 and have been practicing every day since then. My wife started making fun of me: When I come home from work the first thing I do is to put on my gloves, grab my uni and go outside for a bit of practice. I’m enjoying this like a little child. Even when I’m not succeeding it is still a lot of fun. And the rush when things work is just unbelievable.

GREAT job! You’ll be riding all over the place before you know it! Grass always seems like the best place to ride… until you ride on it :frowning: The uneven bumpy surface is our worst enemy!