Old guy with sore butt. Help!

Okay laugh all you want but damn! I’m 50 and still riding. I suppose that If I lost 40 lbs. or so my problem would be solved.

Does anyone know of a shock absorber or any type that’s available for my Unicycle?

What saddle have you got? :slight_smile:
That should fix most of your problems, apparently bike shorts help a lot aswell :smiley:

Get a KH Freeride seat and convert it onto an Air Saddle! I just tried mine today for the first time on my Coker and it is just totaly awesome! I can’t believe I’ve ridden my Coker for 2 years without an Air saddle!:smiley:

Chris Homes gel seat.

and I do find that bike shorts help.

Are you 15 years old? I starting riding when I was 12. Me and my friends would sneak out of our homes at midnight and do some night trail riding. Fun times.

Yeah, a poor saddle will definitely add to your discomfort. I’d suggest an Air Saddle of sorts, or maybe a Nimbus Gel or KH Fusion Freeride.

If your saddle is already not crappy, the next step might be padded bike shorts. They help a lot and a very comfortable. Even if your apparel isn’t the problem here, they are a nice accessory to have. Be sure to not wear underwear with them though, because that will cause chaffing.

Another option is to not have so much air in your tire. If you let some air out, you won’t get jostled around by every little bump in the road, and you can just ride on smoothly.

However you should note that the tissue down there WILL toughen up with time. If you are for some reason unable to do any of these things, your body will take care of SOME of your discomfort naturally. Keep in mind that no matter what, if you ride for a decent distance you will start to notice you’re on a uni instead of a bike and you will not be comfortable. If you can already ride for 45 minutes - hour without any severe discomfort then I honestly wouldn’t change it because it won’t get much better.

I’m 54 and had the same issue. Butt pain was the limit on how long I could ride not leg strength or fitness.

I HAVE a fusion freeride and after 10 minutes I felt like I was sitting on a steel plate. I did some mods to the foam and rode more, and then some more. It gets easier. What really helps is to learn to ride standing up. It’s not very hard. Even 30 seconds of standing helps when you sit back down.

To stand up put your hand on the handle and push down on the handle and the pedals. At first you will only come up an inch or so but after a couple of rides you will be able to get higher and ride farther.

A lot of it is simply “breaking in your butt!” and getting used to longer and longer distances. This is also a common mantra for road bikers. Of course, there are many other factors, including efficient technique, crank length, saddle, and adjustment and height thereof, psi, proper type riding gear, i.e. biker shorts, road conditions, your physical conditioning, weight, proper training, positive attitude, and so on.

I’ve been watching your videos

To say “I’m impressed” would be an understatement.

As far as the sore tailbone, I’m thinking I need to lose all the extra weight. I don’t remember ever having trouble when I was younger but today I only rode 2 miles and was seriously hurting afterwards.

I’m going to try that tomorrow.

It took me many hours in the saddle, mostly 36er riding, before I could go even 5 miles without major discomfort. With my other unis; trials, MUni and 29er, I’m up off the saddle so much, that saddle soreness isn’t really a big issue.

I’d have to say that the best “shock absorber” will be your tire and legs. That’s all you need. Just make sure your tire isn’t over inflated or hard as a rock! Make sure that it compresses a bit, but not too little psi that it might bottom out on the rim. Experiment with the psi, and LOOK at the tire and see how it reacts. Don’t simply go my actual psi reading.

I compare it with running, in that when I first started, I could only go short distances, but little by little, as I increased my mileage, I found that I could go fairly long distances without too much discomfort.

So I would recommend just starting out slow and working your way up, but don’t overdo it right away. It will all fall into place soon enough. And welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Terry is awesome, and he didn’t recommend, or comment about, those shock absorbing seat posts.

For some reason, those shock absorber seat posts are not in favor here. I have never tried one, but it is sorta telling that riders aren’t posting about how good they are.

I have a KH air seat. You can mod it, pull the cover off (easy, it’s a draw string), duct tape it and add pads. Stock, the KH air seat kinda sucks, and it is the best air seat on the market, but it still sucks, compared to the KH free ride seat. Air seats can be cool, but only after you mod them (very easy to do with the KH air). Start with a KH free ride seat. Excellent and simple seat. A much superior seat, compared to the KH air, until you are ready to do real mods, stay away from air seats. The advices about getting a KH free ride seat and bike shorts is 99 % to state of the art.

After that, it is custom seats and shorts. The stock air seats suck compared to a stock KH free ride. I kinda like my modded KH air seat on my 24 muni, it is a fussy thing I had to make, lot’s of duck tape and home construction. It is superior to the KH free ride in jolt absorption. But don’t get an air saddle unless you like to fuss and mod with things. Stock, they suck.

Thanks for all that information.

I think I’ll give it 3 months of training and weight loss before modifying seats.

recipe from Josef (Old geezer in Zürich) :



I bought a good pair of bike pants that i wear under my jeans/shorts etc and this makes a massive difference. I also changed my uni seat to a fussion street and now it is much more comfortable to ride.

I did also find that while I was learning I seemed to keep a death grip on the seat and this did cause more chaffing - technique has fixed this (much more relaxed riding now).