old, bald and fat(tyre)

Last year when deciding what kind of uni set up to purchase I noticed that knobbly tyres were considered to be not good for street riding as concrete/road would wear them down.

I ended up using a knobbly 3" halo contra tyre as I wanted to go off road as well; at present it’s still functioning well with some knobbles left on the edges but with the central part worn completely smooth.

My question is- is the rubber on slick tyres any thicker than that left on a knobbly with the knobs worn off? i.e. now my knobbly tyre has been worn slick, will it have a shorter life than a new slick?

with a slick tire, they generally have a lot of rubber toi wear through.

WIth your now bald tire, you just have the thin rubber that the knobs were attached to left

Time for a new tire…or rotate the cranks 90 degrees (or rotate the tie, which ever is easier)

I’ve got a bald gazz that I rode for a bit like that, the tyre casing on a gazz is actually incredibly thick, I think it’s something to do with pinch flat protection or something, so you can ride for a bit.

If you’re riding on road I’d keep it like it is and see if it punctures. If the weather warms up, you might want to keep riding it even off road as a semi-slick can be quite nice in the dry.

When my street tyre goes bald, it is usually only in one area. Should I rotate the tyre 180 degrees or buy a new one?


Re: old, bald and fat(tyre)

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>When my street tyre goes bald, it is usually only in one area. Should I
>rotate the tyre 180 degrees or buy a new one?
One area around the whole circumference? That points to an ‘imbalance’
between your feet. Usually a tyre goes bald in two areas opposite each
other. In that case you can rotate the tyre (or the cranks) through 90
degrees about halfway its life, or rotate it twice over 60 degrees.

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