old bad movie that i love

this movie is old (last year this time) but i love it so hear you go http://www.unicyclepa.com/video/Lansdale%20unicycle%20video_0002.wmv

that was good…it makes me sad cuz i dont hace a trials uni:(

you should be happy you dont have my onza. the hub broke and i sent it back to unicycle.com and they couldint fix it. But i ended up geting an 05 kh for cheap so it kinda worked out good. It comes tomarow i cant wate

how the hell did you break the onza hub?!?!?!?!?!?!. so much for indestructible eh?.

well i didint realy break it it just got alot os slop in the keyway to the point that it was un rideable for trials

ok cuz when i think of break i think like busted beyond anyridablilty, good for nothin junk. but yours is still ridable right?

ur a nut man, u should have gone with the kh05 at first coz its only a bit extra compared to the onza lol, but i am guessing there is a reason to u not gettin the kh at start!

But newayz, u shouldnt have ne troubles with the kh trials, it is a great ride :slight_smile: ive got one myself

yah i just got my kh like 20min ago. i got the onza first cuz they didint have the 2005 kh out yat

…and your name is trials_uni?

Aparantly he had a '04 onza, which have had a problem with the keyway getting sloppy (so has the all powerful profile-hub), and if you’re up to buying a 04 onza or a 05 kh, there is quite a bit of price-difference between them!

As for hte 05 onza, it has the exact same hub as the kh 05, so that should not be ANY problem.
And, i haven’t had any problems with my '04 onza muni, or my '05 onza trials, both are great rides.
Most unicycles won’t break, only because your hasn’t doesn’t say that mine has, or will!