Old 26er for sale

Hi folks.

Thinking of getting a 29er - or at least clearing some space in my back bedroom. Either way, I’m thinking of shifting the Holy Roller.

Pashley Muni with Pashley bearing holders (similar to lollipop, but better), Holy Roller tyre. The frame is made of Reynolds tubing. Your choice of crank length (square taper), pinned pedals and a decent seat. I will fit some basic pedals. It’s a few years old and done some hard miles. Suitable for someone who wants their first “bigger” unicycle, or as a hack for a juggling club/local group.

Life is far too short for me to mess about with post and packaging, but if there’s anyone within easy striking distance of Nottingham who’s interested, we can do business.


Might be worth putting that on the UUU forum if you haven’t already Mike. I know Kevin in Cornwall is looking for a 26" (for Mayhem in particular). Not exactly close to you though… do you still come down Okehampton way sometimes?


No, that relationship ended about a year ago. It may be a long time before I can face the M5 again.:wink:

The Pashley is a good solid uni, but I would be surprised if a serious and experienced rider would choose it for hard riding. Compared to something like a KH or even a Nimbus it is a heavy plodder. Narrow rim and clearances limit tyre size/section.

However, it is an excellent scooting about uni with good cross country capability in the dry. At present it has 125mm cranks, and that Holy Roller tyre that is good for road and easy trails, but lacks the bite for serious mud.

It was my first serious unicycle.

Those curtains simply have to go.

Oops… sorry :oops:

Yes, it’s a bit heavy (isn’t that the uni you rode when you came out for a ride with me years ago? I think it had one of the narrower Gazz tyres on it then - I crashed it in the road outside my house :/). But I think Kev’s after something cheap and bigger than his 24. Anyway, distance probably screws that idea up anyway.
(I have a motive for trying to help him find a uni - I think I promised to lend him my 26 if he hasn’t found one in time, and I’d really quite like to have that as a backup…)


i’m in Long Eaton so can pick up,
been looking for something to scoot about on for a while,
now for the question i am most familiar with as a student…what’s the least you would accept for it?

PM me with a reasonable offer. I won’t be greedy. I can drop it off for you if the price is fair.

What size cranks you want?

No worries. I’m well out of it.

That’s the one. It was riding your 26 that persuaded me that the problem was not my riding, but my tyre.

Just had an expression of interest from someone 15 miles away. However, if all else fails, I would have thought that one of the usual suspects will be meeting you or your friend somewhere some time. Perhaps they can courier it. (Couri it?)

PM sent.