Old 26" or 29" Muni or Uni?

So, here is the story. I am looking for a 26" or 29" Muni (light muni riding, not much if any hopping). Does not need to be ISIS or Splined. I am not looking for indestructible, yet, something decent. So, if you have any old 26" or 29" square taper Unis, that would fit at least a smaller mountain tire, I would be interested. I go to school in Illinois, so if anybody is out here in the fields or is in the chicago-land area let me know, I can probably come get it. I am looking well under the 300 dollar range, if i had $300 I would buy a nimbus. Even most of a Uni would be ok. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks!

I have a square taper 26" wheel that I could probably part with. UDC hub, 14G spokes and Alex DX32 rim. It was the original wheel on my MUni.

I might have some cranks to go with it but I am not planning on getting rid of any tires or pedals. I will have to go home and see what I have.

$90 CAD or $85 USD plus shipping for the wheel. I will let you know what I find for cranks when I get home. I can take some pics at that time as well.


Thank you for your offer, however, I believe I can have UDC, or have myself, build up a square taper 26" wheel for about that much.

$85, coupled with shipping from Candada: too high for me.