Oktober '09

Finally i finished it, the riding is mainly flat and freestyle, but there’s a little bit street in it to

Hope you enjoy!

I couldn’t get all the stuff on film i wanted to, but whatever i’ll just save it for my next vid

Comments are appreciated!

Nice! My favourite line were the varial - sidejump but everything else were cool too. Only, I’m disappointed you didn’t film an inspin - stand up WW - outspin… :stuck_out_tongue:

nice ! you got good in flatland;)

Sweet video man, I’d love to see you mixing your freestyle into your flat. Keep up the awesome work :wink:

Haha, i tried the inspin-standup-outspin line like 60 times but i couldn’t land it again :frowning: I’ll just save it for my next vid :smiley:

Ok. :smiley:

Thanks man :smiley:

Man dude! you’ve got awesome. but in you write that it’s only you that have filmed, but I’ve filmed two of the clips!! :angry: