Oklahoma Riders.

Are there any Oklahoma riders out there? Preferably around Ardmore? Plus are there any clubs in OK I could join. I wish there would make a trials competition around here. I hope they will someday.

What no Okies out there?

Yes, there’s some Okies around. Check out Buchanan’s B*cycles in Norman on Saturdays.

You’re best bet may be the yahoos down in Ft. Worth.

I’m just a shy Cokeur.

There’s one other guy on the list that I haven’t talked to yet that rides off road at Thunderbird.

my email is dvm2 (at) cox.net

I’m out of state right now and won’t keep up electronically for a while.

Sorry to resurect this thread but are there any OK unicyclists or places where they meet? I would like to stop riding alone. Just wondering. Kelly.

Just in case you are still wondering - I do ride in OKlahoma. So far I have only rode the trail in OKC called Bluff Creek by Lake Hefner, but am familiar with all the MTB trails in the area and think this one is the best for me at this time (plus I still haven’t mastered all of it). If you are ever in the OKC area give me a shout here and I’d be glad to have company for a change. As for who I am - I’m 42 but in good shape so I can keep up, work for the Justice Dept. so am trustworthy, and have Mon and Tues off to ride… James

i recommned going to


if you want to see if there are any locals riders near you