Oklahoma Coker Ride

I’m training for the Oklahoma Freewheel 2003 June 8-14.[okfreewheel.com]
This is the 25th anniversary of this cross-state ride & the 3rd year for me on my Coker. There are some photos on the web page of me riding 2001 & 2002.
There is also an “official” video of last year’s ride with riding footage of me on every day of the ride (more than any one biker)
and a short interview of me after the ride.
If anyone else wants to go this year, let me know.
Also, if anyone wants to see last year’s video, I might be able to mail my copy.

Re: Oklahoma Coker Ride

and here’s a pic of Cokerhead (on the right) starting out on last year’s
Norman Conquest.

Pic 29



I thought I would give a little post to follow up on my cross-state Coker ride.
My training for the ride was pretty good until about 3 weeks before the ride when I stopped riding :slight_smile:
I had a good time (regardless of what my daily reports say)
I rode the entire ride on my Coker (390 miles) & I rode every hill too.

My picture was on the front page of the Sundy Herald Democrat (Sherman,TX) and on page 3 of the Monday Tulsa World (Tulsa OK)

Sunday, June 8 Denison,TX to Tishomingo, OK

Cool overcast morning & nice afternoon. Mostly flat
terrain. Start to finish riding time 7AM-3PM. Pain
above the right knee towards end of the day.

66.6 miles 11.0mph avg. 6:02:33 actual ride time 15.5

Monday, June 9 Tishomingo to Ada

Rain early, then hot. 6:30-3:30 Knee pain early then
Ibuprofen. (the rest of the week I took Ibuprofen
early in the AM & again when/if the pain returned)
Mostly flat but more hills than yesterday.

61.2 miles 11.0 avg 5:31:24 15.7 max

Tuesday, June 10 Ada to Wewoka

Cool early, many hills early. Saddle sore from
yesterday controlled my speed. Too much pain but
somehow kept going.

56.4 miles 10.2 avg 5:31:03 15.7 max

Wednesday, June 11 Wewoka to Drumright

Hot & humid from the start. 8-6:30PM The 1st 40
miles of this day was awesome! Moderate hills into a
slight breeze & I felt no pain. At mile 42, my avg sp
was 12 mph & I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. At
mile 42.5, my knee hurt a lot every time my right foot
pushed down. I stopped at a store & waited for an
hour before the pills kicked in. The last 20 miles
were hilly & hot.

72.4 miles 11.2 avg 6:21:24 16.6 max

Thursday, June 12 Drumright to Hominy

Nice day. Manageable pain. Computer quit from
moisture. 7:30-4:00 About 44 miles & about 10+mph
avg. Broke a spoke at cruising speed on the flat.
Replaced with a spare I had “zip tied” under my seat.
Two nice long climbs in the afternoon.

Friday, June 13 Hominy to Dewey

Nice morning & hot afternoon. 8:00-6:30 About 59
miles at 10- mph Tough day but still fun! I thought
I would never get to Dewey.

Saturday, June 14 Dewey, Ok to Coffeyville, KS

6:30-11:20AM About 33 miles about 9 mph Nice morning
weather. No pain to speak of, but my legs felt like
they weighed 100 lbs (EACH) Towards the end I was
taking a break every mile.

:slight_smile: -Mark