Okay Unigeezer check these out

Just got a pair. Takes a little practice to keep your head steady and not move to fast. But they are cool…

Not sure what one would really use these for. The image quality doesn’t seem to be great, and I don’t see what I would use this for that a GoPro isn’t capable of doing much better.

I’ve got a pair of these, they’ve been a generic Chinese tech thing for decades now (Sometimes they’re advertised as ‘spy camera’ toys). They’re alright to just mess with to see if you like making videos, but for ‘real’ VLogging you need something proper :smiley:

They are hands free. Easy to instantly turn on and capture an event while you are riding. you simply aim with your face. I have ridden on a trail nearby and have missed capturing a photo/video of a bald eagle that comes around once in a while. You always are ready with these because they work as a great pair of sunglasses as well. A go pro is great…I have one but a lot more expensive and more cumbersome. Plus it is a lot more inconspicuous. that can be good and bad…

Okay, I can see wanting to capture the bald eagle. I guess I am not a Snapshot guy, I find that usually I never look at snapshots again. The only way I think of cameras and Unicycles is making a proper Video, and I want that to be good quality, and mostly not POV.

Here’s a video I did with my camera glasses:

Quality isn’t exactly GoPro standard :smiley:

Looking at the quality I am not sure capturing the bald eagle on camera would have been any better than missing it… It would have basically looked like a brown blob.