okay to MUni with this uni?

Hey folks,
This will be my third uni that I will have bought.
I do not plan on getting 24", I am set on getting a 26" uni.
With that in mind, I am thinking of getting Torker 26" LX for MUni.
Will it hold up? Has anyone else been MUni with this uni?
What will I need to change? Pedal and fatter tire?

you’d be better of with a nimbus 26" muni. comes with a duro and metal pedals. also a comfier seat and a wider frame.

the LX won’t hold up to much. the nimbus is much better, as is a torker DX.does that even come 26 inch? anyway, the lx, even with a fatter tire isn’t much of a muni.

I have a 24" LX and a 24" Nimbus Muni. The Nimbus Muni is really terrific for Muni. The LX on the other hand just doesn’t do very well on rough surfaces. It has a much narrower tire and it just isn’t built as tough as the Nimbus.

I don’t know anything about the torker as I am in the UK and they are not reafily available over here but I can strongly recommend the Nimbus 26 for Muni.

As a size 26" is probably my favourite for off road riding and the nimbus is a very capable machine.

Hope this helps


Another vote for the Nimbus 26. I’ve done loads of miles on mine in the last two years and I’m very happy with it - the UDC CrMo hubs are plenty strong enough as long as you’re not into massive drops. Most of my riding is at the very rocky end of cross-country rather than extreme droppy muni, and it’s excellent for that, no problems yet. I weigh about 12 stone, btw (170ish pounds)


I agree with the other responses here. The most important things are the 3" tire, and a wide enough rim to do it justice. The only other major consideration is whether to go with a splined hub or not. If your budget won’t allow it and your not into excessive drops you’ll be fine with a Nimbus.
Torker LX = bad tire and rim for Muni.