Okay, so I can finally buy my Muni, quick questions.

Hey guys, so I finally have enough “play money” to buy my Muni.

I have gone with the Berkeley crew a couple times and loved it. (Thanks again for the loaner Tom)

I’m going to grab the Nimbus ISIS since I’ve heard that’s a reasonable entry level uni.

My questions:

Is 150mm crank arms the appropriate legnth? Oh, and someone told me I should just upgrade to the KH when I buy it, so I probably will.
I’m about 6’4" if that matters.

Are there any shops that I should order from around the N. Cal area? I saw there is now a dedicated Uni shop down in S. Cal.

Otherwise I’ll just check my local bike shop or order online.

Thanks for any info.

So many people make the decision to choose one of the carefully designed good quality unicycles on the market, and then immediately wonder whether the specification is right. :thinking:

The purchase decision isn’t final. My bits box has cranks from 80mm to 170mm and almost all sizes in between. I have changed saddles, pedals and tyres several times, either improving the unicycle, or just chasing a whim. I have ridden “off road” on everything from 20" to Coker, and on tyres from 3" (75 mm) down to 23 mm, at pressures from 15 psi to 130 psi.

I’m not bragging here - I freely admit to not even being in the top 50% in terms of skills - but I’m making a serious point: if you have a good quality unicycle, you will have fun on it, and you can always let it evolve as you learn more about what suits you.

As for crank length: 150mm is 12% less than 170 mm, and 7% more than 140mm. These are tiny differences. It’s like asking, “I am going to buy a mountain bike; which gear is best?” The best gear is the one that suits you at this moment on this trail. The best crank length will depend on how fit, experienced and tired you are, and how steep and uneven the trail is.

Just buy and ride and enjoy. Unicycling is difficult but not complicated.:smiley:

I appreciate the response, but I will not be able to afford another set of crank arms for a bit after the purchase.

I currently ride my 20" for Muni, but it doesn’t work out so well.

I’m just looking for a decent set of cranks for trails, is 150mm considered the middle ground?

I’m sure I will modify this uni, but for now I’m just trying to find something that will work for “all around” muni, up hills, down hills, etc.

I am interested in riding mainly Rockville Hills park, (right by my house), Joaquin miller, and any other Bay Area or Sacramento rides if that helps clear it up.

I feel your pain with the 20" MUni. I had to ride a friends trials setup on a ride where I broke a crank.

Most folks start off with 165-175mm cranks for MUni and then work down as they become more skilled. Given your height long cranks should never be a disadvantage. That is assuming that your legs are proportionately long.

Ya, I have long legs.

Thank you for the info.

this an age old argument, which is going on elsewhere in this forum at this very moment. I’ve ridden 150s and 165s for muni at various points, they’re both fun, just a little different. If you’re going to be super technical then maybe go with the 165s, or ofc if you have the cash you can get the double drilled 150/165 KH cranks. Don’t worry too much either way, you’ll have fun, it will just be a slightly different experience.

I believe 150s are the most common MUni crank length around here. I’ve ridden at the places you mention with 150s, and I don’t see any need for anything longer.

For the record, I started with 165s on my first MUni because that’s how it came. I switched to 150s after around a dozen rides and have never felt the desire to go back.

Okay awesome. Thank you for all the replies.

Anything close should be fine, I just didn’t want to get something totally wrong.

Thanks again guys, I just bought it.

Now come the hard part:

Waiting for it to come in the mail.


Personally, I think 150s are more versatile, but I rode with 170/165 for many years; you’ll enjoy it either way.

We’ll see you out there!

Looks like I am too late but as a taller rider and one who already has a 20 I would have sugested that you consider a 26.

I am 5’11" and a 26 just feels more natural for me, but then I might be wierd.

I have riden the 26 with 170 and 150mm cranks, with the 170s it can feel a bit awkward and the 150s felt a bit short on the steeper stuff so I went and payed way to much money on some 160s (I thought that 165s might feel to much like 170s) along with a new Nimbus hub and am looking forward to getting the new wheel built up with the new cranks. Crank length can be a really personal thing.

I also have a 24 and 150s feel about right on it.

Good luck with your new uni and have fun!

The problem is, there is not a reasonable 26" MUni commercially available. You can put together a good one, but you have to do it yourself.

The Nimbus ISIS 26" MUni looks to be a pretty decent starter for those wanting to try a 26" MUni. Parts are pretty universal, so upgrading won’t be too hard when you find your equipment is limiting your ride.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize that Nimbus was listing a 26" now. I agree that’s a reasonable starter MUni.

Ya, I already bought it. I thought about getting the 26er, but I thought the 24 might be better for steep hills until I’m in better shape, haha. The ratio should be different even with the same length cranks(I think). I’ve been riding my 20 for Muni, so I think the 24 with a wider tire will be so much better I won’t even notice. Also, I thought the 24 might be better all around in case I ever make it over to Uni B-Ball or anything else.