Ok. the real one. I think I'll Just "Wheel" It.

Ok I hope you like it. Comments appreciated.

how long have you been unicycling for?

about 3 months…was it good?

Yeah kind of. You need to work on you flow, less pre hops and try to smooth your riding out. If I were you I would be going for that stairset man! Just spend a day trying it and I bet you’ll easily do it. It’s alright for 3 months of riding:)

Your doing great. I see you’ve got some major wind issues to deal with where your located.

Good Job. Keep up the good work!!

yea. kingman arizona. kinda windy : )

windy :stuck_out_tongue:
good video, i posted some stuff in a comment i won’t bother repeating, but it is good for 3 months.

thanks guys.

okay. Thanks guys.

can people tell me what im doing wrong or give me pointers?

you just need to keep riding, everything you need to get better at will come with time. it may be a little frustrating, but for now, it is best to work on what you want, there are many tutorials for all of the tricks you are working on. if you have a specific question you can refer to those more accurately than will be answered in a thread such as this.

Get out of the habit of hopping with two hands, and when you’re doing drops rather than literally dropping off the object, try and jump away from it (sideways twisting forwards) so you land ready to ride forwards and roll out.

dude that works now i have somthing to work on.thanks. and im trying to get out of the habit of jumping with two hands.



minimize your setup hops…

oh. my prehops. yea im trying. i can do alot better whith no wind.