Ok, so...

I just bought a Summit 24’’, and while assembling it, I managed to break one of the bolts that hold the bearing caps together. :astonished: So… I was wondering if any of you knew what the name and size of the bolt was, or if you knew a provider that carries those bolts. I need to know, because i’ve been stuck in my house, NOT unicycling for a while!

Whoever sold you the summit should be able to replace the bolts. I have tons of them because when I buy unicycles from Unicycle.co.nz they give spares each time. I can’t see the bolts sold seperately at Unicycle.com but they would probably give you some if you asked. You should be able to pick up similar bolts at your local Fasteners store- but you are unlikely to find ones with the slot in them for easy tightening. Just bring in your broken bolt for sizing. It must have been pretty crappy to break while tightening- don’t use excessive force on your bearing caps. Just tighten it up til it doesn’t move, then make sure the wheel spins freely. Ride for a bit and check the bolts aren’t loose and they should stay tight after that. Good luck!

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