ok now i have a problem (uni.com)

once again after being told one thing.i get another!aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggg! i made a specific choice for the 145mm Profile cranks because they have NO hole in them for a spider.i asked that Robbie dude to make sure they had no hole and he said “the 145’s dont have a hole”(which i know)

Well Folks,mine has a F**%ing hole in it and it was ground down buy someone that obviously doesnt think much of the word skill or craftmanship,its very sloppy and who asked them to grind it?not me.

i wouldnt be so pissed off if i wasnt told one thing and then recieve another.this has also happened to me before.last year i got a KH Pro frame that had a major bearing surface problem.

the bearing are the wrong size too.just like Mojoe,i ordered the 40mm and i get the 1 5/8 inch.

i already know that they will do everything to fix this but this will be the 3rd time in 4 orders that they have “done everything to fix it”

i am really miffed about this.every time i order from them its messed up,its like im cursed.there will be no riding this weekend.

i really wish i could show a pic of the look on my face.sad just sad.

more problems,

there is a 16th of an inch gap where the Alex DX32 rim is pinned together :angry: guess i sould have gone for the doublewide.

this sucks bigtime.

ok now i have a problem (uni.com)

Wow, Jagur!

Maybe you should just put that thing back in the box and not look at it for the rest of the weekend… just for your own sanity, I mean.

Go do something to take your mind off of it for a while.

Maybe you can get Unicycle.com to send you the revised order via 3-day gratis as penance for your misery.

i am also missing one of the bolt washers for the Profile crank bolts,you know the ones that are absolutly nessarry for the bolt to seat correctly and hold the crankarm on with…

what’s this about the rim having a gap, sounds really flippin wierd…

the spot where the seam is,its like it wasnt pushed together all the way.i can see daylight though the seam,its weak dude.its a product from Tiawan and this got though the inspection.

whats differant is this Alex has machiened sidewalls and eyelits,i was happy about that untill i saw where the rim was joined.the seam on my 19" rim is real nice.

once i take care of this,im not messing around with internet orders any more.ive been totally messed up to many times.its buy local from now on unless i cant get it anywhere else.uni.com is great yeah but they need me to work in there shipping dept.

the one good thing is the Maxxis Hookwerm 24x2.5 tyre.it looks real good and is a fair fatter than i thought it would be.to bad i wont be mounting or riding it this weekend…

see you in hell,jagur.

I had my LBS order my Profiles from Profile so that the chainring boss would not be ground off. I may want to put them on a bike some day, you never know. Where do they get off grinding them off in the first place? They don’t interfere with the frame and it may void the warrenty.

I never did call them about my bearings. I’m just using the 1 5/8 inch ones that came with the hub since they seem to work. But If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have ordered the 40mm ones which I didn’t get anyway and payed over $30 for them with shipping because I wanted them by the time my wheel was built.

You are not alone. I think I’ve only had one order that was without some error. Maybe they should video themselves putting your parts in the box one at a time, then post the video here, and if everyone says it looks OK, e-mail them to ship it. It’s kind of a joke around my house when I get something from unicycle.com. I’m like,“OK, lets see what’s missing in the box this time.”


You’re worrying me. The Yuni is comin’ with a DX32. Wish me luck.

untill now i have kept this joke to myself,thanx for your honesty.i dont want to burn any bridges here but order after order is messed up in some way.i think i have a right to wonder why its still a problem after going though this before.

“what we have here is a failure to communicate”

You guys are making me paranoid now!

I have a Norco and a YUni on it’s way over here. But it’s a lot further to “do anything to fix it” over this way. It took several months just to get my MUni ordered- they’re a bit slow on the email dept :frowning:

Hope they fix your order Jagur.

Wish me luck,

Ken (on the other side of the world and what are you complaining about it takes three times as long to ship anything over here) Looi

BTW, I find Unicycle.com/uk much more efficient :slight_smile:

I ordered a bike from them, and only got half!

Luckily, the only thing missing out of my order (but missing nonetheless) was an airtube for my seat.

i cant belive how many folks are having things left out of the box or other misshaps.

what its starting to sound like is if you order a built up unicycle your ok but if your order is for parts then theres problems.someone is definatly out to lunch in the packing dept.

Haste makes Waste.

(im still really mad,imagine saving up for a Profile hub/crank set and an Alex rim then haveing them in your house but not being able to use them)

That happened to me on my first air conversion. On the second one, they sent the tube.


Oh no, I don’t think so. My first unicycle,(Sem XLW muni)didn’t come with the pedals and tire was mountain backwards(they are directional). My Coker arrived with a crank arm sticking out of the side of the box, bent cranks, and the wheel was out of true because of the Miyata seat I ordered with it was jammed into the spokes. I rode the Coker 5 blocks and the bearing walked off the hub. This was last summer after they were suppose to be fixing the problem. They did send me a new wheel, but imagine the extra shipping cost they pay for a new wheel to me and for the old one to be sent back to them. Plus, I had taken a couple days off work so I could ride all over on it and I instead looked at it hanging in the garage. Oh yeah, the wheel was mounted backwards in the frame too.

I feel your pain…Mojoe

wow, that’s alot of screwed up orders, the only thing we have ever had gone wrong is once they left one out of two yuni frames out of the and so we just told them to cancel the other one.

Uh… well… they ship fast! :slight_smile:

Packing boxes is sucky work to do all day- still, seems like the problem might be easyly addressed by a close examination of the work-flow -and making adjustments accordingly.

I have a 75% error rate to date (we’ll see if that changes, Tuesday). Some issues have been minor -wrong colour, etc- while others have been disabling -missing parts, a wheel damaged because the sadle box wasn’t secured to the inside of the package as MoJoe described. Mr. Animation has had a few problems with his orders as well.

People are… people- and mistakes happen; still, when it’s endemic, changes can be made- some times very small changes- to guard against goofs. My native tendancey to react with hostility is tempered by the knowladge that I can pick up the phone and get a REAL person to say ‘our bad’- as apposed to some corn-fed outserviced phone tech.

Still, if I order on Monday night, I get it on Wednesday… so I continue to play lotto. All things considered, the people at The Source have made a bigger positive impact on me than my LBS.

Here is an image I sent to Uni.com after my first order:


Hey, Jagur- the bit about the rim-gap sucks; mine is seamless.


Messed up order are indeed painful, and painful for both the receiving and the sending parties. We’re all in agreement that John and Amy are wonderful people and we deeply appreciate their contributions to the world of unicycling. But as with all human run endeavors, mistakes will be made that can wreck havoc on costs of business on one side and the pleasure intended from the purchased items on the other.

Of course I doubt any of us would believe that the mistakes were intentional. If so, sins will find out the sinner and Unicycle.com would have been run out of town long ago, especially with the verbosity (thanks, Sendhair) of this group.

I have no connection with the company of Unicycle.com other than a commonly shared friendship with John and Amy and family. But I have to wonder what their percentage of error is. Many items are shipped out annually. Despite of the fact that the company is spankin’ new, I bet the percentage is pretty low. We just never hear about the many, many successes.

That still doesn’t justify the mistakes in the eyes of the receiver or anyone else for that matter. But all in all, I think Uni.com does a great job and is matchless in my opinon when it comes to standing behind their product and service.

I encourage patience yet persistence.


Uh… I can only speak for what I have experienced. I’m sure that the errors, as you suggest, are uninteded; for myself and associates localy, the error rate is noteworthy. I highly endorse your suggestion that even-temper is advised; however, I find blanket assertions (such as quoted above) are unproductive.


ive just been at the lbs buying a Sun doublewide.the Alex is diffinatly going back on the brown bus for a $41 dollar credit.the Sun is heavier than the Alex,not by much though and there isnt a gap at the joint either.i feel like i could pull the rim apart if i wanted to.its hard to resist doing that,anger is an energy.