Ojai Muni

When I picked up Josh the car thermometer read 68 degrees and we were stoked that winter temps were finally here. But all the way up to Ojai the mercury kept rising and it was in the mid 80s at the trail head. And dry as a pumice stone.

The Foothill/Pratt trail is a fun practice run made difficult by trying to eliminate all but rolling hops and to roll everything else, like a street course. It will gas you if you try and ride long sections without stopping. And a little fishing around on the fringe of things reveals some provocative natural trials options and a handful of king-sized drops–though few have any roll outs so it’s mostly slamming to flat. We’re like two inches shorter than when we started. We kept looking for Evan on his disc-braked, off-road BC wheel but verily, the kid never showed.

When I dropped Josh off back in the Valley it was 94 degrees. I trust it will cool off for LA Muni Weekend. Pics to follow.


68! haha, winter temps! It’s barely over 30 F. Here! and that’s on a good day!It will be getting to 10 degreas or even in the negatives on some days. We already have snow though:(

So, some pics. Thought we were going to have to carry John out on a stretcher. He’s about 2" shorter after one particular drop…

(Gallery link: http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=251920&g2_page=1 )

What the fuck?!

Me, Terry and Perry just rode that trail today too. We just got back. We started at 4:30. Man next time you wana do that trail, call me 805-276-3275.

Looking at the gallery, we did the same stuff to, we rode that pipe, and rode that wall.

Chill evan.

Yep, we rode the Pratt and had a blast! Started about 3:30 when things were starting to cool down, and by time we finished, it was almost dark!

Evan’s dad shuttled us a good Mile up so we only had to hike up a short distance further to drop into the technical sections back down. Lots of hops and drops!

I videotaped a good portion of our adventure, INCLUDING some amazing footage of Evan on his Souped-up 26" Mountain BC w/disc brake! He rules on that thing! Perry and I also picked up our brand new BC plates that Evan made for us;Awsome! Now if only I can learn to ride it!:smiley:

Wow, that is funny. I can’t beleive there is so many unicyclists there like that…

its werid too because its 1/4 from my house. And terry drove out here 2 hours. and the sb muni guys rarley come out here.

Yeah and we’ll do it again 'cause it was waaay fun! But now I’m curious about trying muni at san ysidro…Evan mentioned it and it sounds like a great trail!

im 13 so how bout not swearing