Oil City Film Festival: LI, NY - any riders, cameraperson?

I just went to the Oil City skate park website (http://www.oilcitysk8.com) and found out about a film festival they are having. I spoke to them a while ago and found out they would not only allow, but would love to have uni’s there… but I never got over there. It would be great to put together a cool uni video for the film festival (details below, from the site) but I don’t have a camera or a cameraman. I can do the editing, though. Anyone in the area (and have a digital video camera) interested in shooting? Any other local riders interested in riding at the skatepark and/or other locations for the video?

OIL CITY FILM FESTIVAL-open to all oil city members send us your finished edit skate bmx surf snowboard etc videos and we’ll show them on a big screen in the hockey rink.$300 cash prize for 1st pl $125 for 2nd $75 for 3rd. More info soon.