Ohio Fun Meet in June - all invited

The following is posted with permission: :slight_smile:

Wood One Wheelers 4-H Unicycle Club of Bowling Green Ohio will be hosting a Unicycle Fun Meet on Saturday, June 5, 2004, from 9:30 to 5:00 at Maumee Bay State Park, Oregon, Ohio.

All ages and skill levels are welcome.
Ribbon awards will be given.
Age groups same as National Competition.

Hot dogs and drinks will be provided. Please bring a potluck dish or give a small donation.

In case of bad weather we have ask for the double gym at B.G.S.U. in Bowling Green for unicycle games. Not yet confirmed.

For more information contact Jan Layne at jlayne1 (at) juno.com

Here’s your chance to meet unicyclist from all around the area. I know a lot of riders from Michigan go down each year. Anyone else planning to attend?


The Toronto Unicyclists have been attending this
Ohio meet for many years. It is always fun and is great to get together with other riders.

Last year we had 17 go from Toronto. It rained so the use of the BGSU gym this year will be a nice backup option.

Come out and spend the day riding with one of the longest running unicycle clubs in the US.
Jan Layne and her husband Emil have been oganizing unicycle events, clubs, meets and conventions for about 30 years !!!

They are still at it and enjoy it very much.
Their daughters and grand kids all ride and attend the meet as well. 3 generations all riding and competing together.

There will be a group from Toronto I’m sure.

We have a event in Ottawa the week-end before this meet.


I live in western PA… might work for me. I’d love to go to Minny for the regionals but it’s a long, long drive. Too far for my schedule this year. Yours is a workable drive.

I’ll try to make it.


I’ll be able to make it! I’ll be bringing my family and camping for the weekend at the park. This will be my 7 year old daughter’s first unicycle event. She has never ridden with anyone but me, it’ll be great to get her with some other riders, especially younger kids.

I assume more info will be posted as the date gets closer. Do I need to register in advance?

Thanks to all those involved in organizing this event.


Just send a short note to Jan Layne so she knows how many hot dogs to bring. jlayne1 (at) juno.com

Have fun for me, I’m not going to be able to go after all.


This sounds like a lot of fun. I talked to my three daughters about it this morning and they all said, “Let’s Go!!!”

It’s only a 10 hour drive :D, and my neice is graduation from High School in Cleveland, OH that weekend. Maybe we can make it a two function trip. --chirokid–

Ohio Meet directions and info

On June 5th, once again, Wood One Wheelers is sponsoring this Mini-Meet at Maumee Bay in Ohio. This is a terrific opportunity to meet with unicyclists from several states and two different countries.

Maumee State Park web site includes a map:


It will be held in the parking area off the beach at Maumee Bay State Park. Take Curtice Road off State Route #2 (Main Park Entrance); bear to the left at the fork; past the Park Office and to the right at the second fork. Begins at 9:30 a.m. and will last until approximately 5:00. Bring a dish to pass or a donation - hot dogs will be served along with the pot luck for lunch.

Along with your unicycles bring helmet, gloves, kneepad, etc. for racing. Don’t forget your camera.

I have just recently heard that this event is shine only. The rain location did not work out. Any questions Contact Jan Layne at
jlayne1 (at) juno.com

Anyone not going can come by my house for great bargins. We’re having our 29th annual block sale that day.

Weather report is looking good for Saturday! I’m especailly excited because my wife and 7year old daughter will be with me for this meet. Neither have been to a uni meet and this will be my daughter’s first time with other kids on a uni. Maybe my wife will get the bug and decide to try uni for the first time.

I have been to one Muni event and one trials competition. It’s so much fun to get together with other unicyclists!

How many people are going to this meet? I’m especially interested in knowing about kids and their ages, but am curious about the overall number also.

Anyone been to one of these and know approximately how many might show?

What types of events will held?


Hey good news, my friend Rob said he’d be into going with me! So we’re gonna make the 7 hr trip, shouldn’t be that bad.

He does clowning and balloons, so I said maybe they’ll be some people who do that, ya never know, he’s just happys to have something different to do for a change, see yas there : )


If theres a lot of people I might get a sign that said something like KJ-52 or Andrew or something so I can find yas.

I haven’t attend in several years so I’m not sure if they’ve changed the format. There were races of all lengths and some informal freestyle events. I know that there are an increasing number of trials and muni riders that go each year so there may be some of that even if its not part of the organized event. Your best bet for more detail is to contact Jan Layne.

RTUC has cancelled our regular Saturday practice to attend, there may be 15 (we have kids of all ages) or more riders from Michigan, 17 went last year from Toronto. WOW will be there of course, add at least another 20? Sorry I couldn’t get more specific.

A more recent message indicated that there may be a rain location in Bowling Green. Although the weather report is good right now, if you are planning to go, contact Jan and she can put you on the list to be notified in the case of rain. E-mailing her at the last minute may not work as she and her husband sometimes leave early (perhaps the night before) for the park.

Have fun,


Thanks for additional info. The weather forecast looks great, shouldn’t be a weather concern.

I’ve emailed Jan a couple times and have gotten no response, that’s why I came back to a post here for additional info.

Sorry to hear you won’t be making it to the event. :frowning: Hope your day’s activities go well.