Ohio Bound? Why not go to Pittsburgh Too!

So after thinking long and hard about Ohio and collecting many different accounts including my own about how much it sucks, I’m thinking about doing some Muni/ Trials/ Street rides in Pittsburgh as part of a mini event to be run with NAUCC.

I’m not sure who would be into it but I know pittsburgh has some great stuff to ride from alot of fun challenging Trials lines all over town, to quality muni and natural trials right outside town. Oh yea and theres always plenty of nice street areas around too.

It looks like its a 4-4.5 hr drive from the events at NAUCC to Pitt but if your interested I have a house and can put up a few guys.

Just throwing the idea out there basically to see if its worth wile to make some arangements.


That’s really tempting… I live about 5 hours from Pitt, and would love to drive down for some trials riding… by the end of July my ankle should be back to full strength, assuming I don’t sprain it again…

Anyone else thinking about going to Pitt end of July/early August?