Ohhhhhh! 7 SET!

not that it matters much, but I just did my first 7set! it was SO insane, I accidentally did a shifty and then after landing it I like had a siezure. not really, but I almost threw my uni down some bleachers.

I have crossed over from sets mundane to sets insane! It felt good.

(oh, I had been eying this set for weeks, so it felt good to finally get it.)

sorry if the above makes no sense, I’m still adrenal-high and freaking out. I bet I’d pwn a wpm test if I tried. my hands are shaking.

Sweeet, I still haven’t found a six set to jump myself…

A wpm test?

words per minute.

I’m less shaky now, but I’m not gonna go do it again cause I think i’d die.

I did some interesting vector stuff with the photo in your avatar, because it was the best unispin pic I could find.

Yeah, I could see how dieing would be a factor…So, is a 24" easier for jumping stairs?

This pic? Already? I only took it yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

nice job man!
seven is the biggest stairset I’ve ever landed too…gives you a pretty insane rush when you’re flyin through the air.

http://typingtest.com/ (:

7 is my biggest to.


Wow, That’s my biggest set too.

Sick! You know what you have to do now don’t you? 8 set. lol. That’s awesome man. Congrats, lets see some footage of that. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Great man!

I’ve done a 8 set, but it’s not THAT fun to jump down stairs!
But of course I’ll jump at least half if it gets in my way! :wink:

yeah same here, although i am currently looking for an 8. its amazing how much bigger and scarier i stair can make a set look.



wow, congrats. My record is…uhhh…zero! :sunglasses:

haha, everybody else has seven as a max!

I need to do eight now, but first I want to film the 7. I’m really scared of stairs now. It’s weird, even though I landed it perfectly I’m still scared and think I’ll die.

yeah, same with me. I’m always scared…because of that, I’ve only done seven stairs like four times in my life. landed them almost every time though. it feels good.
I think maybe from 7 stairs to 8 stairs is a huge barrier for many people.

My biggest is 8.
I like doing stair sets but I’ve bent 2 KH 05 cranks to heck on stairs, probally just my landings :angry:

well what u waiting for ? 180 THAT SHIT!.. it aint that hard dont worry… just dont be scared :sunglasses: … neways congrats yo

@ KC: I’m scared that my cranks are bent too. It’s a stock KH, so it could be the pedals (I’ve heard snafus are kinda weakish?), but it would be evil if my crank was bent.

Max: I’m 180ing 4sets now, and I’m thinking I’ll try this big 4set I found. I have a 5 to try too, once I get 4 down perfect.

I bet its the snafus bent, cuase I saw some snafus the other day and I was like… “that’s IT? those are snafus?”

The second day of having my KH I bent the snafus, so I have brand new snafus that are bent :stuck_out_tongue: . I bent the cranks with both JC and primo pedals, so they must be stronger.

I would leave the snafus on, because then you are less likely to bend the cranks sine the pedals will take the blow, and they are cheaper to replace.

nice thought on that KC, I think I agree.

Oh, and Forrest: I think stairs on a 24" is easier than a 20, but I have no real comparison. I don’t go too fast when I’m gapping them anyway, it’s more of a smooth, easy pace. If I go too fast I find that I freak out and abort at the last minute, landing somewhere in the middle of the set. usually I can ride out though. (not sure if you could on a 20. probably depends on the stairs.)