Oh, what to get for the future

1st post, hello all! I have been lurking around while I learn to ride. I’m able to ride and turn some now and can free mount about 50% of the time now. It has been a very sore week and a half, but I’m learning fast.

I thought that I wanted to get a Torker DX 24" for cruising around because I live in a small town with a lot of bad sidewalks and rough streets, but I’m finding that a lot of people don’t like the Muni tires for street stuff and cruising?

I’m probably never going to be a jumper/hopper or do anything more than a leisurely ride down a dirt path because I have 2 broken vertebrae from a parachute fall a few years back. Pretty much all extreme sports are a no-no for me, but I really like the aggressive look of the Nimbus II 24"/26" and the Torker DX 24".

So my question is, do I save my money and just get the lx 26" for cruising around town? Or what are the suggestions for under $300 for someone in my shoes?

If you just want to ride, I’d recomend a 26", and save up for a Nimbus one, the one I recall is $320, but if you plan on riding on roads more than dirt trails, you can sand down the tire to make it a bit more smooth, and the extra $20 will be worth it, as I find getting a second torker wouldn’t increase the quality of your riding too well, but that’s just my thoughts.

I may be a little biased towards 26" Unis, as I find them much more attractive than a 20" or 24", but that’s just me, again. :smiley:

if you just wanna cruise, a nimbus 29er and slap a cheap knobby tire on it for a dirt path : )

did you just fall wrong or was it a chute malfunction!?!?

29 I think is getting a bit large for me. I want to be able to throw it in the trunk or pack it places and the 26 may be pushing it for that. I was originally going to just settle on a 24" and may still. This thing really isn’t going to get a lot of abuse from me, but I would like to be able to ride around and learn to go backwards at some point. The most would be riding off a curb on a short cut through a parking lot.

neither, yet a bit of both. Mass exit out of C-130 had a Air Force Captain steal my air about 3 stories up from landing. Next thing I knew my chute had no lift and I was a lawn dart.


Fits easily in the backseat of a Jetta; would fit in the trunk with the seat removed.

I wouldn’t start any one on a 29er less I wanted them to give up. I’d get a 26 if you want to stick to hard top I really like the 24 very versatile. I’d get the nimbus with isis hub so you have crank options. I have two torkers well build for the price.

I started on a Torker 26, and it’s still the only uni I have ridden (It was fine for learning on). It fits easily into the trunk of my car, and I take it on my monthly flights between Australia and Singapore.
I use it mainly on the roads, and find that it does fine at that. I would like to get another uni with a bigger wheel, although a UPD last Friday showed me that I can already spin the 26" faster than I can run out a forward fall (it involved a knee slide on gritty asphalt, followed by a double roll, climaxing with me lying on my back like a maladjusted tortoise in front of a somewhat surprised family group who were out for a stroll). A 36" should allow me to be even more spectacular. That would allow me to leave the 26" in Singapore and ride the 36" in Perth. I’m just not sure that my wife will buy into the logistics advantages of increasing the stable (we already have half a bike shop worth of two-wheelers spread throughout the house).


So I have been trying out a 24" and I gotta say I am loving the tire size increase and now want a bigger tire.

So my question is. What is the felt difference between the 26" and the 29"? is it that much different when riding?

I really want that fat tire since we have a lot of trails and beaches in Oregon and the extra footprint might be a help. I have looked at the Nimbus 29", but I don’t think that I could put a 3" tire on there could I?

Also, for future are their brake locations on either of the Nimbus 26" (I think this one has them) or the Nimbus 29"?

There has been a lot of talk about what tires fit the Nimbus in the 29er discussion thread. I think it comes with a 2.5" tire and I’m not sure if the 3" will fit.

The 29er does have brake mounts. Not sure which 26" you were looking at but if it offers a brake option then it has mounts. If in doubt call UDC and ask.

My 29er fits fine in the back seat or trunk of my Corolla. Choose well and have fun! :sunglasses:

Well, you mentioned:

I don’t how small that town is, but I think a 29r is nicer for cruising than a 26"

No such thing as a 3" tire for a 29er, same goes for a 26er unless you can find old stock or used. Widest 29er tire is 2.5, but it’s not a true 2.5, more like 2.3

If you’re gonna ride around town, a fat tire will be slow and heavy.

A 26" is bigger than a 24", but not that much. If you have a 24" now, I’d get a 29" to use in town, then upgrade the tire width on your 24" for the occassional trail use.

The WTB Dissent and Kodiak have been measured over 2.5" when mounted on a KH rim (see this thread):

The WTB Kodiak has been measured over 2.5" when mounted on a KH rim (see this thread):

I’d imagine the Dissent would measure up as well.