Oh The Humanity!

I traveled this year for thanksgiving to the hotbed of Muni Savannah GA (sarcastic tone). On Thanksgiving day, I took the uni’s off the car and rode around a little on the street, shot some baskets with the grandkids etc. When I decided to go back in I hung the uni’s on by the seats on the rack arms. A few hours later my wife had left to go to the store with our daughter-in-law, and for some reason my wife decided to drive (possible because the Daughter-in-law still was not comfortable drive her husbands big truck). You can see where this is going … she came into the house and said she ran over my unicycles (horror). I couldn’t be mad … I shouldn’t have left them hanging there. My 2YO Muni seemed untouched, but the old schwinn (early 1970’s) was not so lucky. It had a pedal broken, a crank bent, and the rim scraped up. This was somewhat heartbreaking to me since I got that uni to replace the beater that I learned on when I was 12 or 13 yo. I found one on craigslist, and my father is going to look at it in the next couple of days, and I am hoping it’ll be the replacement I am looking for. This one is about 6-10 years younger (~1978-1982), but from the pictures it looked identical and well kept, so hopefully I will have a replacement for my old reliable schwinn 24 and I’ll have some original spare parts available.

I guess you can at least be happy that it was “something” that got run over & not “someone”.

Hope you have luck finding a replacement Schwinn.

The newer Schwinn sounds like it should have square taper cranks. You’ll have more choices of crank, and they’ll fit today’s pedals! Schwinns fit 1/2" pedals, but the vast majority of today’s bikes (and unicycles) use 9/16".

I talked to my Father today, he looked at and bought the newer ~1978-1982 24" Schwinn Unicycle as a replacement for my now damaged ~1972 24" Schwinn. I am hoping that the two uni’s are identical, so I’ll have spare parts for the new one. My dad said it almost looks like it had never been ridden. Now all I need to do is arrange a trip to Delware to pick it up.