Oh solo muni

I just got my new 661’s on Friday and robbed a computer off of one of my bicycles last night and decided to go for a MUni ride today. There are only a couple of us MUni riders (that I know of) here and the other one (Scott) had to work today, so I hit the trails by myself. I met with a couple of my mountain biker friends and let them know my route in case I had any problems. There was quite a bit of dew on the trails, which made staying on the pedals a bit difficult, but I still had a good ride. I got passed by a few people on mountain bikes that stopped to ask me about my MUni. After the ride, I checked my computer and was pleased to see that I logged in close to 5 miles. It feels so good to actually monitor my rides by mileage instead of time. Now I have distance goals to achieve

Cool. So have you mounted the speedo where you can see it (ie. with some sort of attachment) or do you just check it after you ride? I’m thinking of taking mine off my bike and putting it onto the muni for the 24hr.


I mounted it on the seatpost, I see no reason to watch your speed while you’re riding on a MUni. After the ride, I just check my distance, mileage and average speed to keep tabs of my ride. I’ll post a pic later today.

Here’s the pic