Oh Snap! (Schlumpf Axle)

Snapped my axle on Saturday…Please take a Moment of silence to morn its (hopefully temporary) loss.
Ill put up some pictures later if anyone wants to see the ugly carnage.

Now why did you go and do a thing like that?

Did you snap it on a drop?

Ok, moment of silence taken, may the re-birth of your holy hub happen as soon as possible.

Now tell us more, with pictures, please.

You snapped the axle? Of the KH/Schlumpf? What were you doing? Can you post a picture?

He didn’t say KH…

But I’m sure we still want to hear the circumstances either way. This is why, when I do finally get my own, I want to go straight to the KH and not risk abusing one of the original types.

Oh no! That’s a bummer. So how did it happen? Any pics?
Prepare for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait for a replacement:(.

If it is the one in the list then it is a KH.
M0211, Kaycee Stevens Orono, Maine (KH 29 with brake)


Yep. That’s broken all right.

How’d it happen?

Oh, come on…

A spot of JB Weld should have that back on and you going in no time!


I see you had it on a conundrum frame; could that have contributed? I am asking because I may put a schlumpf on my conundrum.

That both sucks and is super awesome at the same time.

While it’s obvious you’re no longer under warranty, maybe Florian can install a new axle for you for less than a new hub would run you…

Is breaking the axle not under warranty?

Seems pretty unlikely that the frame contributed to this.

From the manual:

When I first got the hub in August I was oh so tender to it.
Went from a KH 29 guni to a 24’ conundrun. The Surly/Schlumpf combination felt like a tank (in a good way) and I stoped restraining myself from bigger riding on it. Rode more aggressively as I got use to the guni. In my mind I just couldn’t envision the hub breaking.
Went to Sugarloaf Mt. during the Reggae fest last weekend to do some riding. Convinced the lifty to let me on and did two high speed runs down from about 1/3 up the Mt. (passed a skier at one point).
Continued down through the concert area and received louder applause than the band. Near where the band was playing was a retaining wall made of medium sized boulders that dropped down to the concert pit area and with a few hundred people cheering & watching. I instinctively had to drop it. Very little though went through my head any doubts were overridden and subconsciously reassured. “we’ll this is only a little bigger than that other drop and everything was fine” though process.
Needless to say, the axle sheared off between the crank and the bearing.
So it sounds like, from reading the manual, it wont be covered on the count of failing to use common sense voids the warranty
I haven’t contacted Schlumpf yet, but I’m really hoping he can help me out, I was dreaming of riding everywhere this summer, and that dream is currently shattered. :frowning:

nice story.

I guess you don’t know the limits of equipment until you exceed them eh?

It definitely would not be a warranty issue but hopefully he can get you a new axle for a reasonable price.

Its depressing when the most valuable thing you own breaks due to a momentary laps of judgment…

I really hope that it can be repaired without spending my life savings again.

Sorry to hear about your hub. Just wondering how large the drop was that you snapped it on? I’m pretty tough on my schlumpf (but i am also a lightweight-65kgs) but am not into just dropping stuff so i am curious to hear about the height of a drop that made the axle fail. Was there anything about the landing that may have contributed? bad roll out? to static?
Hope forian can sort you out with a new axle- because you know going back to singlespeed just sucks so hard.

Dam! That realy sucks, I hope you can get it fixed with a new axle or something.

hhmm - I am sorry to read this :astonished:

but I wonder whether this could happen to a usual KH hub - because it has the same dimensions and simular material :thinking: