Oh snap, it's me!!


Nothin’ to fancy just look at the slideshow and you’ll see me. I am the one on a unicycle.

I would have had an article, but someone died in an accident in the same race. So that was the big story. But oh well they still got my picture!


you look sexy

i like your pants, and i also think your shoes are cool (im not kidding, cool pants) (no sarcasm involved) (i want sum like that) (this is not sarcasm, i really do like them)

haha every one there was wearing like bike shorts and lycra shirts and aero dynamic helmets and stuff, with fancy bike shoes.

i was wearing pajama bottoms, boxer briefs, and chucks (chuck taylors), with my favorite shirt. haha


So can anyone please post a link to the picture, please? Thanks in advance.

second the request for another link or a reprint

umm yeah ill ask the courier to email them to me, but it wasnt anything that amazing, just a picture of my back on a coker. but ill try to get them


So…much…SPOILERS! Can’t wait to see the actual picture, though.

I feel like putting my nickname. Read the username…not the numbers.