oh noooo

im am soooo sad. my beautiful onza trials is in disrepair. when i stepped on her today i noticed a horrible creaking. i realized that the left crank arm was a little loose (it doesnt noticably move, just creaks). when i went to tighten it i found the bolt on the side will not tighten. it also will not loosen. the crank arm has been ripped up from crankgrabbing and it appears that the little knob that sticks out is squished a little, so that the dust cap/crank remover is not touching the bolt on one side but is really tight on the other. so it has become an oval (very close to a true circle). There is gunk on the inside. the bolt will not turn no matter how hard i turn it. i dont think the problem is lock-tite since the other side turns without a problem. there is no way i can get the dustcap/crank remover out with the tools i have. it creaks horribly.



I’m having the same creaking problem with my trials onza.

I was thinking it was the cranks for a while but like yours the bolts were tight.

Now I think it’s the key-way that’s making the sound.

I’m also feeling a bit of play in the cranks after riding out of drops.

Any of that on yours?

Good luck,


hmmm. i think the bolt is a little loose. the problem is that since the entire crank arm is smushed a bit, the bolt wont turn. actually the bolt is tight, but the crank arm is loose. so it wont get looser, but itll do some damage to the splines if i cant fix it. the crank arm will creak whenever i put weight on it, but as i said above, im pretty sure its just because its a tiny bit loose.

i was just kind of wondering if this has happened to anyone, where the crank arm where it attaches to the hub has been damaged from crank grabs. i dont land grabs with my crank (just the pedal) so it must be hitting perpendicular to the side of the obstacle as i jump at it. ill try to post pics later.

I’ve battered my left crank enough to ovalize it too. The crank removal nut is jammed in there, and also the bolt has a hard time moving. I hate to break it to you, but tightening the crank probably won’t solve the problem. I also have had the creaking problem. I tighten the nut as much as I can, and it still has play. I’ve also greased the splines, and it’s just quieter.

I think that Onza is a low-quality brand. I’ve heard way too many reports of Onza hub/cranksets to think my case or any of the others were isolated. This isn’t okay. The quality control of the factories is too low. Profile splines don’t have this problem, and nor do KHs. I say to anyone who asks now, get the KH, Onzas suck!

no they dont! i love my onza! mine is pretty battered but i have abused that uni like no other. ive only had it since december and it is more banged up than my muni which ive had for 7-8 months. i guess thats what happens when you get better at trials.

Well the better you are, the less you fall, and the less you drop your uni, and the smoother you get. So pretty much, you stink.


awwww. but what i meant was that as you do bigger stuff, a mistake will cause more damage to you and the uni. for example, before, when i was doing small hops, if i missed i wouldnt have to worry about my shins or the unicycle because most likely only the wheel would hit the obstacle. now, if i miss a higher hop, there is a good chance my knee or shin will hit the obstacle (hence always wearing my 661s now) and the seat post will most likely hit the edge of the obstacle (i have many scratches to show for it). so while before i could miss a small hop half the time and get no damage, now the one in twenty miss on a higher hop will result in big bang.

and the brother tries to to hijack the thread…

Yeah, you hurt yourself more when you are better than when you are decent because you are doing much more dangerous things.