Oh No!! My KH broke

Heres a link to a picture of the broken main cap.
I’m pretty sure it was a bad weld that weakened the metal, because it broke a tiny bit of the weld off.
Nothing big, and Unicycle.com replaced it for free. It should come in the mail on Monday.

Has anybody else had this probelm?


you should post this in the Rec. forum. most folks dont look in here.

Well that whole bearing holder should be strong but it sure doesn’t look like it.

And now, do you get a new beaing cap, new frame, ore new unicycle???


Unicycle.com sent me a new bearing cap for free!

Hmmm Thats great:D, But in wich color, because now there is only an KH unicycle in black. So do you have a bearing cap in orange or black:p


its orange along with my frame.