Oh!!! I Got The Muni!!!


I just got my new Qu-Ax 24" at my front door!!!


i ordered it just in time, if you look it’s out of stock on uni.com!!!

Oh yes! So happy!

Just out of curiosity…

Why is there a 20" in your avatar? Are you now the proud owner of both a 20" and a 24"?

Anyway, sounds fun! Post some crazy videos of you going down steep trails and jumping off buildings!

oh… the 20" is what i was GOING to get…

i gotta change that…

but yes, i own a 20" and a 24". The 20’s just some no-name brand that i upgraded…

I just got my 24 QU AX too and it rides nice really improved my hopping skills cant wait to hit the trails

I really like mine as well… I got it last spring… no problems yet. The thing is a beast.


that’s EXACTLY what i said when i got it all put together!

Have you considered that it might not have gone out of stock if you hadn’t ordered one? :smiley: