oh happy day(finally talked some people into riding)

so, i finally talked my little brother and his freind into buying unicycles for themselves. i am going to teach them to ride. woo hoo i will finally have people to ride with.

They havent bought them yet, but my brother is getting the 24" torker dx (im going to help him pay for it) and his freind is getting the 20" dx(he was going to buy a KH because he is loaded but last minute he decided not to)

anyways, i just wanted to share my excitedness of finally having people to ride with!

Tell them to wait for the 2007 model to come out, then they wont have a frame problem. =p

Congratz on getting people to ride with, its gonna be soo much more fun now.

this is so good
i dont have peoples to ride with
sometimes i can ride with some guys who live here in sao paulo
but they dont look to dont like to ride a lot hehehe

whats your brother age ? make him buy a 20" too

oh good idea, i will tell them to wait for the 2007 model.

and my little brother is 15. he is just going to share my 20" with me.

my room mate rode, so i started riding, and now my brother and his best friend are starting to ride. heck yeah!

a couple months ago i was riding on a residential street and some guy pulls his car over to talk to us. turns out he rides and wants someone to ride with. havn’t called him yet though. one of these days.