Oh great

Well, now I did it. I went to put an under construction image on my website…and now I don’t want to update it for I will loose the image. :thinking:


I suppose I could sell it to Carl over at http://mountainunicycling.com :smiley:

Quality image Sofa, quality image.

I may have to use the idea sometime. May I suggest though, that you match the black of the original and the piece you added? Right now you can tell which is which.

Good work,

actually, both match up perfectly. even on a maginication 5 times this size, they were still the same.


Ya thanks … I’ll take it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, the black of the shovel is much darker then that of the unicyclist’s body. Other then that it looks great!!!


Oh wow! I just saw this on a different computer than what I was creating it on.

I’ll fix that tonight!

I swear it looked the same colour on mine!

Webmasters should avoid the use of the words “under construction” and associated images. That is, unless they’re fun images. But I don’t get why people post web content that isn’t content. Post it when it’s built! otherwise, assume we realize you will be adding more later.

But your image is a fun one, and you should just keep it somewhere else, if even on a perpetually “under construction” page!

It might be time for Sofa to look into getting a new monitor…:slight_smile:

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 13:20:20 -0600, johnfoss <johnfoss.i32wa@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>It might be time for Sofa to look into getting a new monitor…:slight_smile:
Or just turn up the brightness a bit (either hardware with a turning knob or a + button, or in software). Works wonders!

Klaas Bil
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i thought my colour may be off, or my monitor too dark…i can find nothing wrong with it. ??

Seeing as it’s still good for almost everything else, I’m not gonna cut into my uni-funds with a stupid-ass monitor!

I corrected the pic…I think

I’m not on my other comp till tomorrow.

How does it look now?

he needs a hard hat…

I would draw one, but I"m too lazy

-Jonathan Ware-