Oh god another Cokerer.

I was meant to get a coker same day as cathy but was a few days later, anyone it came and I’ve clocked up around 100 miles on it.

Must say, i noticed the toning I’m getting from unicycling :wink:

It’s a coker with:

Standard frame.
UDC hub.
stainless spokes.
coker tire.
nimbus gel seat.
nimbus Post clamp.
wellgo pedals.

I’ll save up for a decent frame at some point :slight_smile:

And a decorative valve cap. :stuck_out_tongue:

The stock frame will probably serve you indefinitely. No need to upgrade unless you are doing so for appearance or more rigidity when using a brake.

Awesome Coker! I dont see why you would need a nice frame? I mean as long as it doesnt break…

So you got all of those things separate so it was less expensive than buying one on Unicycle.com or did you just want a few special pieces…

So how much was it compared to the Coker on Unicycle.com… Just wanting an idea of what I need to spend… I am a little on the heavy side at 210lbs. so would this one hold strong???..

it’s the UDC coker with a upgrade.

could you take off the seat and put it right next to the seat clamp and measure down to the bottom pedal? I want to know If I’ll it on a coker.

edit: oh yea, congrats on the coker, It looks awesome!

that’s a beautiful two seated penny farthing you’ve got there!