oh boy! new personal record!

this morning i went to rubber on a picnic table for the first time :smiley: . it was a little more than 28" (i think) and i had to jump from grass/dirt. i am very proud of myself!

Well done. A new record is always a wonderful thing. I still remember my first record: Rockabilly Rebel, by Matchbox. :0)

muniracer, well done, wasn’t your personal goal 28", i remember you saying before, if so even more well dones:D


nice job, i set a goal yesterday with my friend, i rode a balance beam and gapped 3 feet, bot bad for a n00b lik me

Great job Muniracer, it sure feels good to reach a goal.

Me, I’m still trying to get consistant with my 5" high platform. :frowning:

Question, were you using a 20" trials uni for this picnic table hop, or a 24" Muni? --chirokid–

He was using his 20" onza trials uni.


Wow, a 70+cm hop from grass! That’s amazing. Do you have any videos?


not yet but soon. im home with the gang for spring break so we should be doing a lot of filming…

Nice! Especially since it was off grass.

I haven’t really gotten to practice much lately, so I’ve regressed from about 26"-24". Alas. Back to the boxes.