Offset MTB Rims for zero dish wheel build

does anyone have experience with a zero dish wheel build on a unicycle? was having a discussion with a mountian biker friend of mine tday about his new zero dish rims and how the wheel allignment is so much more sentered on his frame.

are these rims compatable with unicycle hubs? and are there any non cottered uni hubs that can be laced onto a 32 hole hub?

he swears up and down the zero dish wheel is stronger and truer then anything he has ridden on in the past and has been trying to convince me to attempt a wheel re build with one of these off set hoops.

Unicycle wheels are already zero dish.


zero dish allows for the rim to be centred in the rear, even though one side has the casette on the back for the rings.

Some bikes’ rim is off centre, to allow for the spacing needed.

(or something like that)

Mojoe is correct

so there is no obvios advantage to using such a rim for a unicycle… i assumed this was correct but needed some expert advice to back up the argument.

no advantage to using said rim or is ist detrimental using an offset MTB rim on a unicycle.

Zero dish is great for MTB rear wheels, but makes absolutely no sense for unicycles. The drilling on those rims differs from standard rims to compensate for the fact that the rim is not centered directly between the flanges (like on a front wheel and your uni wheel). Look at you uni wheel and notice the nice even angles the spokes make from the flanges to the rim ^ now look at a rear wheel on an mtb…the spokes on the drive-side form a much steeper (and thus weaker angle) then the non drive side. The offset drilling attempts to alleviate this (as much as you reasonably can). So, tell you friend to piss off!!! Just kidding. See why a standard rim is the best way to go on a uni?

But I bet you could just over tension some of the spokes to alleviate this, and not be able to tell a differnece.

Perhaps if you already had a used, true, offset rim lying around.

It wouldn’t be ideal, but I bet it would work just fine