offset maggie mounts, or maybe some worn out retired brake pads.

I just built up a wheel with a Tryall rim, and it’s too wide for my maggie mounts. I should say, the HS33’s work fine, but when I’m climbing or digging deep into a corner the wheel flex makes the rim rub. So, I’d like to get the pads a little further from the rim without grinding them down.

If anyone has other ideas about how to get a little more clearance I’m all ears.

I may just sell my HS33’s

This seems like a lot of trouble just to get a brake installed. When I built the 26 I realized that a 2.7 would be the widest tire I wanted anyway, and a V will straddle that just fine. Make offers for the hs33, and the first reasonable offer will probably be accepted.

For now I’m just gonna run it without a brake. It shouldn’t be a problem with the 165’s I just got from Eric.

How tight did you tension the spokes? Might want to increase tension.

The rim will move some side to side, but that’s a pretty stiff rim so the spokes are flexing and letting the wheel move too much.

You can use a belt sander to remove up to 4mm or 5mm from each brake pad to give you some more room. Yes, its kind of a hack, but I have done it and it works well. As a plan B, I have also introduced “float” between the wheel cylinders by slightly overfilling a brake with fluid. There is a trick to doing this, but I can give you the instructions on here if you are interested. It keeps brake rubbing from being quite as noticiable.

I went back twice to add tension, and it got better, but it’s still rubbing when I’m really pushing hard. The problem is that the Tryall is so wide, and the brake pads are hardly used, so I only have a little over a millimeter clearance on each side. When I used the brake on the '05 KH rim I got from you it worked like a charm before I decided that I really didn’t need a brake on the 24" wheel.

It’s good to know that the belt sander option is viable. That was my idea of a hack as well. That’s what got me thinking that someones used pads might just do the trick for my uni. I was thinking about putting a wanted ad on OTN for a used set of pads, but the trials riders are probably running much stickier rubber than what I’d want on my MUni. You don’t have a pair of worn down black pads do you?

What frame are you using?

Probably a stupid question but are the brakes mounted all the way out? The plastic rings that sit in the mounts slide on the slave cylinders.

I have a Nimbus MUni frame, and the cylinders are all of the way out. If I could get even another mm on each side I think that would do it.

The hub built up great. The cranks will take a little getting used to, but it’s more leverage than I’ve had in a while and that’s nice.

I get these all the time and regularly throw them out. If you pay the $2 postage (US and canada I guess, tho its a trip to the post office . . ) , I’ll send a set to you.


Bryce, you da man!

Digging those Magura red pads, running them on 29er; green pads are on the guni.

No worries. I think I’ve thrown out almost 200 of the worn pads or the grey ones . . . always seemed like a waste so I’m happy to move them on to others that want to try em out

I just want to publicly thank Bryce for helping me out. This is such a cool community.

Thanks to Ben, and Eric for chiming in as well.

The only place I’ve seen the off set mounts is at germany and their site can be changed to english!!:smiley:

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