Officially landing a trick

Do you have to keep riding after the trick or do u just hav to land with both feet on the pedals? I just learned how to unispin and I planted both feet on the pedals, then fell over. Is that officially landing it?

I would say no, at least for myself personally I would want to land it and ride it out to say I’m able to do the trick.

You should ride away. What do you mean by officially landing it? If you are talking like the freestyle skill levels then you have to ride away.

I’m not talking about the skill levels. I just want to know if it’s considered “landing” the trick or not.

You have to ride away. There is a difference between doing a trick and just getting your feet on then falling off and landing in control.

to officilaly land it you ahve to ride away 3 revs

That is the rule for the skill levels, but I personally count the trick as “landing it” if you have complete control riding away, so you could ride away from it as many revs as possible (like if there is a wall or something you would stop).

What you’re doing (the creator of the thread) is “sticking” the trick; landing and then falling off of right afterwards.

i think the emphasis is on being in control afterwards. It you pop a unispin and then still stand for 30 seconds that counts in my book, even if you dont ride off.

the rule are club uses (in a sort of joking way is) you have to ride over to someone (10+ ft away) and whisper in their ear “I landed this trick”

i would feel more like i accomplished the trick if i landed and rode away

I would consider landing a trick either riding away or landing and being able to just hop w/out falling over. And if you can do that you should be able to ride away.

I concur, landing a trick means that you pulled off not only the stunt itself, but also made a controlled exit from the trick. Falling during the trick, and falling as a result of the trick both show that it was not executed properly.

if you unispin and land back on the pedals and fall off you didnt land it. if you land on the pedals and hop around in control without riding away you’ve still landed it.

agreed :slight_smile:

But to look at the bright side, if you landed it and fell over, you are very close to being able to do the trick!

…Except for the “officially” part. If there aren’t any officials around, or the trick isn’t official recognized anywhere, it’s just whatever it is.

But the 3 revs, or 3 seconds, I agree with. We use that for some other competitions events which are “official,” such as High Jump and Long Jump. High Jump is probably the best example for something like this, or the Standard Skill rules, which require the 3 revs. We use 3 seconds for Unicycle Sumo, which is not an “official” sport or official set of rules.

I wouldn’t qualify it as sticking either. In “traditional” sports, you often see “sticking” in sports like gymnastics, where you have to stick your landing. This means you land, and you don’t have to reposition your feet. Anything other than that wouldn’t be a “stick.” What you have done is the full mechanics of the trick, so you’re almost there. Now you just have to make the same landing, but more in line with your center of mass to either roll or hop out of it.

I agree :sunglasses:

Me and my mates use this:

I was just bringing that up because in skateboarding sticking a trick is usually when you land it for a second but don’t have enough control to roll away. It is used like “I stuck the kickflip down the stairset, but lost my balance rolling out of it.” or “I could of stuck it if I kept the board under me instead of kicking it out.”

I’m not sure whether the “traditional” sports definition or the one I have seen used in skateboard would be applied to unicycling. Probably better to just avoid the word altogether to avoid any confusion arise from it.

You know when you have landed it, there is no getting away from yourself. If you know you have landed it, then thats then you know. As you started this thread it seems like you were uncertain, which in my book means you probably didn’t land it.

Although, if you convince yourself you did land it, then it won’t be so much ‘guts’ and if you try it again you might land it again really quickly because of not being so scared.


I offically land tricks for the first time when no one is watching then when i get al excited and ask them to watch i cannot do it again :stuck_out_tongue: