Officially Introducing The Oklahoma Unicycling Club

Well, for a while now, I’ve been in the process of rounding up riders in Oklahoma, and us Oklahoma rider’s have now come together to form…drumroll… UNICORE! So, our website is finally up: Go check it out. It’s pretty cool stuff. So, hello to all from us Oklahomans!

My picture in my profile thingy sucks a lot.

Nice job on the website. Its good to see a group get put together around here.

Three of us rode in 12 Miles Of Hell yesterday down at Fort Sill. It was laid out to be somewhere between 17 and 17.5 miles this year. I slowed James and Peter down or they would have had much better times. We still out cycled over a hundred other riders.

There are a few more riders around. Keep up the good work.

the riders link doesn’t work for me, but other than that it’s great!

also, add to the unicycle shops. They are great!

Is a full write up of the experience in the works?

Edit: I think there are some misprints. I find it hard to believe Helen weighs 175 lbs. Maybe 125?

No, that’s right. She’s made complelely of muscle.

Yeah, he’s right she really does weigh 175. And I’ve tried to catch all the typos, and only have 2 left to correct. Thanks for the comments guys. And like it says on the site, any OK unicyclist is welcome to join. The reason it was made is to connect Oklahoma riders.

You’re official now. I added you to the links as a club.

you guys got to come down to Colorado now and we can ride in the rockies…

Awesome, thanks.

but lets wait till summer so we can ride for more than 1 day…
i havent rode anywhere except around the reservoir so we would end up getting kicked out of the reservoir…
…mostly around here there are dirt bike trails or offroad mountain trails for trucks and 4wheelers and dirtbikes…so finding the trails to ride is the harder part cause of the diversity of some of the trails…

Maybe not a FULL write-up, but look here…

Hope to be back later with photos.

I think you meant hear:, but thanks:)

And I think you meant here (I couldn’t resist), but really - thanks…

Who’s Ben Thompson?

I’m Ben Thompson

Hey, Ben I don’t see your name on the riders list for Moab, are you still going?