OFFICIAL SAN DIEGO THREAD for ride organization

Well, I think it was a long time comin’, but I figure I would give it a try.
Any of you in San Diego and want to plan rides? This is the place to post them!
Anything from beginner short rides, to Freestyle, to Muni, to Trials, to 36" Distance Rides, THEY ARE ALL WELCOME!


Clay (olvegrn)

PB Boardwalk / Mission Bay

Anyone heading for a ride on the boardwalk or around the bay let me know and I will join. Also, another fav is ride to the top of Mount Soledad.

Let’s Roll! ‘Coker’ rider from Seattle visiting San Diego this week.

If this is what you all call ‘partly cloudy’, I’ll take it. :slight_smile:
I can ride most mornings.
Am here til the 6th.
Will need to be done about 1:00.
Dave… text or call if you want.

Bumping this back up to the front page. So who is interested in riding! My Nimbus Oregon should be arriving shortly.

Hey, just getting back into and getting my miyata on the road again. I live on Miramar base and have a 24 that I use for basic tricks and general riding. Hit me up in the messages if you wanna hang.

Disclaimer: even though my name is Jamie, I am a dude, happily married with 8 kids, active duty Navy, 41 years old. (I’ve been hit on electronically before by middle aged men who thought I was a girl because of my name.)

Buisness trip to San Diego

Dear all,

my name is Hans-Jörg (45) and I’m from Germany. Next week I’m on a buisnesstrip to San Diego from Monday 20th May to Saturday 25th May. Unfortunately I have a tight time schedule, but I hope, I also have some free time at the evening.
It would be fantastic if there is anybody in this area who likes to do an unicycling activity with me. I’m a multisided bad unicyclist :D, at home I ride an 36" , a 24" Muni and do also practice trial with an 20".
My Hotel is at the Mira Mesa Boulevard, Sorento Mesa.
Please feel free to contact me and send a message, Thank you!


Big Wheel rider - 2week SD visit from seattle.

I’ll be in SD May 25- June 5.
Bringing 36er only. Can ride in the mornings.
Dave 425-802-2838
texting is convenient.