Official Los Angeles/Orange County Ride Organization Thread

I decided to take Tom up on his suggestion, and I think it’s a good one. I modified his “title” suggestion since SoCal covers such a large area, and most of the rides we do are in the Los Angeles/Orange county area. We can definitely include other areas, such as Santa Barbara and San Diego areas if the interest is there.

To kick things off, this Sunday, 10/2/11, there will be a group 36er/29er beach bike path ride starting at Sunset Beach, just north of Huntington beach. Meetup time is 8am at the famous water tower house at #1 Anderson st., at PCH.

Should be perfect riding weather and we can ride as far as the group decides. Chime in here or PM if you can join us. Nothing more fun and awesome than a SEA of 36er’s to freak out and amaze the general public! :smiley:


Good idea for a ride thread!

Some friends and I will be on our uni’s for this on Oct 9th!

Looks like fun! So come out out and join us for this ride as well! We also have a new 36er rider, Clay, from San Diego joining us this Sunday. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… you WILL be seeing me there!!

Is there gonna be any non 36er riding tmrw? I have the day off and thats not far at all for me… Anyone wanna ride trials or street there lol

New riding buddy Clay drove in all the way from San Diego for one of the most enjoyable 36er beach rides in a long time! You all really missed out on a fantastic time, although I know it was pretty short notice.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as we rode through the beautiful beach cities of Sunset, Huntington, Newport, Balboa, and stopping at the world famous “Wedge”, which is home to some of the largest and most treacherous waves anywhere! (Not today though. :frowning: )

We then savored the ride back for a total of 32 miles. We can’t wait to do this ride route again, and we are planning another one on about 3 weeks. I’ll post the ride with more advance notice next time. :smiley:










Ciclavia October 2011! Let’s get a list of guys/gals together that are doing the event on one wheel!

I did the ride last year, started at the Western end and rode to the eastern end and back (about 15mi). The best strategy is the reverse… gather at Hollenbeck Park (The Eastern end of the route map). That way most of the (gentle) climbing takes place in the first 1/2 of your ride and it’s all downhill for the second half.

My vote is we meet there at 10am and ride the length of the route, and find a restaurant to gather at during the return… maybe Chinatown for example?

HERE is the link for the event and reply to this note if you want to meet at Hollenbeck Park!

-David Howard

/"]HERE is a better list of restaurants along the CicLAvia route.

Oh, and there’s a Mole Festival on Olvera Street on Sunday also!! Maybe that should be our food stop.

Anybody up for a little Muni 10/8/11

Some Saturday morning Muni at Santiago Oaks, Aliso Wood, Whiting Ranch or whatever?

I haven’t posted on the forum in a while and I haven’t been on my unicycle in awhile, but was thinking about riding in CicLAvia this Sunday and I see that some others are too. I live near the Western End of the Route and would rather start there probably on my 36. Let’s figure something out. Either her or via PM.

Sweet! I’m in!

wow… I live in Rancho Park and ride 36er around here all the time. There is a slow group (bike) ride leaving crank mob park at noon with a destination of midroute but I would be game to meet at the west end of the route also. The westernmost end is the “bicycle district” at melrose and heliotrope.

pm me if you want to meet and I’ll reply with my phone number.

Terry! Are you planning to go to ciclavia on sunday?

I like this plan and want to join in. I have a 29er. Open to other plans too.

Will pm David with my number…

Looks like we have at least three.

Thanks to Jeff’s suggestion… here’s the “SCOOP”

Meeting at Scoops Ice Cream at Heliotrope and Melrose

Meeting time is Noon.

We’ll probably hang till 12:30, but PM me or text me at 3103516100 if you want to come.


Where you you guys for last Sunday’s beach ride with me and Clay? Anyway, I’ve had plans for Sunday (10/9/11) for while now, otherwise I’d join you guys. I’m riding in a marathon, and with my setup below, filming while riding will be a snap!

(GoPro with homemade monopod. ABS tubing as holder.
Easy to take out and put back without stopping.) :sunglasses:


At the ice cream shop it is! See you guys there. :smiley:

Not sure if anyone here knows about the Fullerton loop, but it’s super easy, nothing technical and novice friendly. Can be a bit on the bland side if you’re looking for a more challenging MUni trail, but there are a few decent little climbs. You guys might want to try organizing a ride there sometime.

Last Sunday would have been a bit of a hike to the OC… didn’t have the time to get down there.

That’s right, Long Beach is today. I have some co-workers who are doing it (on two wheels… fer shame), and going to CicLAvia afterwards. Enjoy, Terry!!!