Official knee/shin guard reviews

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POC VPD 2.0 safety gear 2012

I’ve got a pair of the old VPD 1.0 POC elbow pads and absolutely love them. I had to send the Medium back and get a Large. I’m hard to fit because my biceps are as small as my forearms.:o Even with the right fit, the elbow isn’t easy to protect as pads tend to slide down your arm. My right “balancing” hand wears a DocFlexMeter wrist guard which extends up the forearm and meets the elbow guard to prevent it from sliding. It stays in place nicely and I feel well protected without being overheated. My left “braking” hand is protected by a KH Pulse or Hillbilly fingerless glove. The elbow on that side slides down every 100 feet. I still need to bust out the sewing kit and take some slack from the bicep strap.

POC’s Spine VPD 2.0 Jacket has elbow pads built in the sleeve along with chest, spine, and shoulder protection. I wish I lived near a bike shop that carried POC so I could try it on. I can tell from my elbow pads, it’s high quality. I’d go POC from head to toe.

I have a pair of KH Percussion Knee/Shin guards. For shins and behind the calf they are fantastic. Not so much (scar to prove it) for the knee despite a good (sent medium back for large) fit. I did not have the top straps cinched down tight enough and they peeled back exposing flesh.

I prefer separates for the knee and shin. I also have a pair of SixSixOne EVO d3o (similar to VPD) Knee Guards and a pair of matching shin guards. The knees have been fantastic but definitely are in need of replacement. The Shin pads cost too much and only pad the front whereas Kris’ Percussion guards protect the back of the calf and achilles heel right where my FiveTen Impact Mid shoes leave off.

POC does not even make the knee/shin combo anymore which is fine by me because, as I said, I prefer separates. My question is: would the POC VPD 2.0 “Long” knee pads work with the POC VPD 2.0 shin pads or should I get the old Joint Ankle pads if I go long? I suspect the long knee pads would overlap with the shin pads quite a bit. I really like the looks of the new shin pads so I might be tempted to go short on the knee pads. Either way, I’m probably looking at close to $200 for the whole set. Full review to follow.

Knee Shin POC VPD 2.0

I have taken shipment of a new pair of Knee & Shin (separate) POC VPD 2.0 and I’ve got to say they are really nice! See my albums for more pictures and detailed descriptions.

I’m 5’10" 165. Size medium for the knee might be too small but they will stretch with wear. I’m stowing the removable velcro strap from behind the knee incase they do stretch too much and for fear of it bunching up behind the knee. POC does not cut a hole behind the knee like 661 does but my 661’s bunched up anyway. POC lycra material is much thinner but only time (and miles) will tell if they will bunch up to rub a rash behind my knee. The straps on the KHpercussions had the same effect.

Size large for shin might be too big (bunch in back at lower calf) and I knew when I measured my shin (from ankle bone to middle of knee) and I could have got a medium (they don’t make a small) but I’m glad that I ordered the large if for no other reason to get more bang (extra VPD 2.0 green dough) for my buck. The back of the shin (the calf) offers very little (a thin layer of lycra doomed to be snagged by metal pedal pins) protection. The 661 EVO Shin pads had better coverage in the back but nobody beats KH Percussions in that department.

Paired with the shin pads, the knee pads are not sliding down (especially with my tighter fit. To answer an earlier question, the POC VPD 2.0 Long (they make a “long” version, I got the short version) Knee pads would definitely interfere with the shin pads. There would be a lot of unneeded (the short knee meets perfectly with the knee pad. There is no gap in coverage.) overlap with the long version. POC does make ankle pads (I’ve never tried them) which might pair better with the long knee pads.

Full DH protection (actually, they meet motorcycle standards)
Comfort (you forget they are on)
PedalAbility (I read on MTBR long knee version hindered ability to pedal)
Looks (all pads are goofy but these look pretty sharp)

Expensive ($100 knee + $70 shin)
Hot (all pads are hot but POC’s are the most breathable of the bunch)
Smell (despite the Polygiene anti-odor treatment, even the POC’s will stink)
No calf or achilles protection (KH Percussion provide superior coverage)

From left to right: 661 EVO separates, POC VPD separates, KH Percussion Knee Shin combo

CloseUp from left to right: 661 EVO, POC VPD, KH Percussion

CloseUp. VPD dough behind bottom velcro. Notice how much more VPD dough you get. Whereas, the 661’s only give you a little circle of EVO dough.

Pictures of me wearing POC VPD 2.0 Knee and Shin pads on my skinny white legs.

Side view

POV looking down at right Shimano AM41 shoe

Front view

Rear view


Attached are a few detail photos of the KH armour arriving into shops in the next week or two, including a front and (somewhat muddy) side profile.

The knee protection has been upgraded with a molded hardshell underneath stretch nylon/kevlar material. The hardshell also rises slightly higher. I kept it low profile and the knee protection is curved to minimize lateral bulk (e.g. so that the armour avoids catching on the frame or tire). As before, the knee straps wrap from the inside to the outside so that there’s no velcro to wear out by rubbing on the inside of the knee.

As with the previous model, the lower of the knee straps contains a foam donut that provides protection for the inside of your knee against the fork crown, without restricting mobility.

The lower leg, with the wraparound protection and ballistics nylon material extending to cover the achilles area, is unchanged.





My KH Percussion Knee/Shin pads still get a lot of wear. Often my destination requires I remove my pads but keep my shoes on. That (strap on ability) is a major selling point for the Percussion pads IMHO. I’m glad to see you extend (the hardshell rises slightly higher) and upgrade (molded hardshell underneath stretch nylon/kevlar material) because I skinned my knee pretty bad wearing my old Percussion pads. In full disclosure, I did not have the straps done up tight as I was nursing a rash/sore spot the straps made from riding too many sweaty miles. For the record, my 661 Evo’s did the same thing (anything including my new POC’s will rub you raw given that many miles) only in a different spot.

Hmm… I got my Percussions 3 or 4 years ago and I don’t remember the “foam donut” being included. I just checked my mesh bag (kept it for the washing machine) and I don’t have them so either the old, old model did not include them or I misplaced them not knowing what they were for. I wouldn’t mind having a pair as I bump the inside of my knee on my KH36 crown every once in a while.

Of the 3 pairs I reviewed, the Percussion pads covered the calf and achilles the best. The 661’s did OK in this regard and the POC’s leave you exposed probably because b*cyclists don’t get as many pedals bites in the back as a unicyclist would. Once again the KH products are very well thought out and designed just for us.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words. The inside knee protection was on the latest batch (before this new version), so armour sold since about 1 1/2 years or so.


The knee area looks very good as even with the last revisions they still do tend to flex out as your knee bends where that design looks to cure that totally!

You just want to extract more cash out of me, isn’t two MUnis’ enough in my first 3 months of riding :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I just ordered KH Percussion leg armor and arm armor (expecting them to arrive soon) and now I see that I’ll want to order another set for the updated model. :slight_smile: I can’t win, can I?

Kimmie, enjoying this new hobby.

After getting some nasty pedal bites learning on my 24 I bought a set of the KH Percussion and would not swap them for anything. They feel a little bulky when you first put them on but they are great when you are riding. They do get a little sweaty but I never really notice until I am taking them off! Best of all, not one serious case of pedal bite since (although my 36 is trying hard to overcome them)!